Advertisements hits over 200,000 in May. Thanks for checking us out! :)

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to update that during May we reached 228,642 views. That’s not really a big number relatively, but it’s a huge mile stone for us, especially considering just March 2009 we were at 6k.

Many thank yous need to be given out on behalf of

Light drawing with N900 back in February to say thanks when we reached 1 million views and won a Golden Retrievo Award.

Big thanks to Llaadd and Sergejs for their fantastic contributions to, their posts are always extremely popular (whilst also helping me focus during exams and busy uni periods). Both have their own blogs too that you should check out:thetekblogger and Phonespot

Huge respect to the folks over at WOMWorldNokia who have supported by bringing us to some really awesome events, trialling out new devices and networking with other people in the mobile industry. In fact, due to the recent Open Mobile Summit, we briefly surfed Alexa’s top 100,00 for the one month category(Alexa’s accuracy is questionable, and I think reporting us higher than it should be, but it’s flattering nonetheless) and managed to get a lot of chatter about the spotted production level Nokia N8, EA 3D games trailer, NFS and SIMS 3 on real N8 And MeeGo Computers Q&A with Alberto Torres

Thank you of course to our post sources. Tons of appreciation goes out to those linking back to our posts in their blogs and forums.

Thanks to those following me at @jaymontano and RT our posts. (We haven’t mentioned it before but we also have a separate @mynokiablog account that tweets our new posts as soon as we click publish)

Finally, massive thanks to you for coming to read this random and extremely informal blog, whether a subscriber on youtube, email notifications, our RSS feeds or accidentally stumbling here after a search query.

Aims for near future:

This month, I’m looking to get self hosted. i.e. not on

The main reason for this now is to allow us to have greater control of what’s on the blog and prevent us from randomly getting suspended by wordpress. (I’ve put it off so long due to being busy at Uni and because I feared somehow accidentally deleting mynokiablog – ah….teh nOoB)

An additional feature of self hosting is wider range of (more professional?different?) looking themes. I’ll be hunting around for some themes, but I’d love to know any suggestions you might have. At the moment, I’m looking for similar design, just with more share features and a more streamlined look.

We’ll also be trying to come up with some sort of logo as we haven’t got one of those. Well we do but it’s an MS paint job that looks to have been created by a 3 year old. (It’s supposed to be a M N B and for some odd reason, there’s a fox inside.)

As part of the change from we will need to put ads/affiliate links  to support the monthly running costs. The previous running costs have been minimal so far and I don’t mind paying it as I really enjoy this blogging malarcky. But with self hosting, it might be cool to avoid another monthly bill if possible. 🙂 Who knows, I might even get a cup of coffee out of it ^_^

If there is sufficient revenue, I’ll be looking to run mini competitions and whatnot with prizes out of the revenue you helped bring by coming to this

Finally, we’re also looking for some new recruits to join mynokiablog team.  If  you’re interested in writing for, please contact jay@]

Thanks again all! 🙂


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