House of Nokia: New Sseries and Nokia N9 MeeGo phone Confirmed? 7 top limit of C, E, and X phones.

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Hmm...this house has no windows or doors (ovi)

Today it appears that the New S series has been confirmed as well as the Nokia N9. N9 by common sense was already known when Nokia mentioned their new naming conventions of single letter 1-9 handsets – 9 being the highest – though never explicitly confirming N9.

N9 will therefore be Nokia’s Flagship, and first Nokia MeeGo device that will push the extremes of high end for Nokia. Check out this interview with Alberto Torres, Nokia EVP,MeeGo Computers..

This House of Nokia suggests the future complete portfolio for Nokia. Intriguingly, there are only two Nseries handsets. One Symbian, One MeeGo. That’s not to stop N8-01, N8-02 etc like with Cseries where you have different variants with same name.

Also there are no other series that exceed 7. This might squash other rumours of E9/X9/C9 directly competing with N8/N9 products.

S series may not be ultra high end and doesn’t look to eclipse Nseries (though technically it is higher in the House of Nokia image)

What I hope this house brings is that each year we just get an updated N8, or N9 etc. This way you build on the reputation and success of that handset name rather than disposing of it with each new random handset. See naming rant.

The House of Nokia

S – For those that don’t fall into any other series of products. Fone arena says the luxury handsets of 8xxx series. Could it be also the tablet range? MeeGo is of course supposed to be on a wide range of devices. S is portrayed as a chimney in the House of Nokia. S for Smokin’?

N – High end, Advanced requirements, more innovative. Symbian N8 and MeeGo phone N9 (Torres said upcoming MeeGo phone would be on Nseries).  The very top and upper limit, hence the roof of the House of Nokia.

E – Business, Enterprise. E5, E6 and E7. 5 is lowest limit of Eseries, 7 the highest. E7 has already been rumoured, 4″ display, QWERTY with N8 like design. Portrayed as the left flanking wall of House of Nokia.

X – From Xpress Music. X2, X3, X5, X6, X7. Portrayed as the right flanking wall of House of Nokia.

C – Core series (those previously given confusing area code names) C1, C2, C3 (no explosive C4) C5, C6 and C7. Portrayed as the foundation and core of the House of Nokia.

I’ve mentioned this before but have you noticed that if you rotate C into a U, the 5 letters spell out NEXUS. – Connecting People – Nokia’s Slogan.

Note: This house may still be under construction. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the conservatory E9, the shed C9 and Garage X9?

MobileReview via Fone Arena


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