Ovi…….. do you use it ?

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Much has been said about Ovi since its launch in 20007 everything from its unusual name to its poor implementation. Many believe the reason behind Nokia’s poor performance in the high end market comes from the notion that Nokia has put a too effort in getting the internet services right but somewhat failed.The thing is Apple has proven that customers expect services asl well as the phone.There’s nothing to be ashamed about Ovi’s poor implementation though Apple’s MobileMe launch was horrendous, Microsoft’s effort is good on the desktop side but on the mobile side they are none existent. The only successful implementation is the Google one which is arguably the best one and the benchmark for the competition.

Throughout its life Ovi has been deemed failure with the Ovi store looking like shit to be honest, not having 200,000 fart apps, Ovi share is pretty much used by no one ( I think), and I don’t know about Ovi music, Comes with Music, Calendar and Contacts, oh and Ovi mail (how many are there?!?!?!).

I had a couple of good experiences with Ovi to be honest I PAID for my first app for my e72 its was the Bomberman game on sale (funnily enough i couldn’t find it at the time of writing this post).My second was when I first popped in my sim into my new e72 and synched it with Ovi all my contacts and calendar entries appeared !!!! I was chuffed considering all the bad press Ovi got about being unreliable and clunky by people who have probably never used it.


Does anybody remember this video if Ovi becomes anything like this in the future i would be chuffed, it would also  be cool to see HD movies on the Ovi store

I was wondering does anyone actually use the any of the Ovi stuff? Would you be able to live with all your mobile content on the Ovi services? And where’s the Meamo/Meego love?

Nokia mentions that they have 80 Million people using its Ovi services and aim for 300 million 2011 will they achieve it ?

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