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| June 22, 2010 | 26 Replies

The ever so popular Eldar Murtizan published his frankly ridiculously long review of the Symbian 3 OS that will be powering the Nokia N8 which you can read here. You have to give it to him despite his frankly hatred for Nokia he has written a long review on Symbian 3 which I bet you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of the interesting notes from his review :

  • Symbian 3 is a decent upgrade for Symbian users
  • Increased RAM improves the number of Apps which can be run improvement on previous devices
  • Ultimately Symbian 3 is a evolutionary step rather than revolutionary
  • Icons and UI are outdated
  • Browser didn’t get any significant updates (very disappointing)
  • Ultimately Symbian 3 is still catching up to competition (iOS, Android, Bada)
  • Significant Updates to Symbian 3 are lacking due to Nokia’s resources being stretched , due to Symbian 4 and Meego being developed alongside (isn’t that a good thing???)
  • Ultimately Symbian is inferior to its competition even though Nokia will sell tons of N8’s

I am still baffled that eldar has the guts to even compare Symbian with Bada. Bada is a glorified feature phone OS every one says that even renowned nokia haters engadget

Let us know in the comments of what you think of eldar’s review in the comments and whether it has changed your mind on the N8

All right I admit that Symbian is starting to look old now in terms of its UI but the UI in my opinion is better looking than S60 5th edition.


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