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| June 23, 2010 | 11 Replies

Nokia’s current website to be honest isn’t the best around but this morning Nokia sent out a tweet saying that their new website was in beta which you can check it out here

My first impressions where mixed the home page looks a bit like their blog but as soon as you get into the website you can see some real improvements in the beta site.

The different pages show much bigger pictures of the different devices and in more desirable position if you know what I mean.

Devices are laid out in a clean and easy fashion.

Phones are also laid out in sexy poses like this one here underneath

Much more colour is used in appropriate areas like this one here for the Xseries devices

Different features and services that are compatible with devices are clearly laid out so you don’t get confused.

One of my favourite page of the beta site is this one underneath where Nokia shows off the different type of  devices they make and asking the customers browsing the site which type is right for you, also shows how broad Nokia’s portfolio is right know.

Phones are also shown off in different scenarios which they might be used in which is nice to see and easier for customers as they can then imagine themselves using the phone.

I have got to admit the new site reminds me slightly of the Apple site if I have to say. Phones are shown off in desirable views phones are laid out in their respective categories such as the Cseries, Xseries and the Nseries, which they where before but not as obvious.

The site defiantly makes phones much more desirable I think, I mean the Nokia n97 mini looks actually quite good in some of the pictures should I consider lol?

But anyway defiantly a good small step forward for Nokia, they just need some improvements for the homepage.

Let me know in the comments of what you think


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