Nokia N8 Second Look by Eldar Murtazin

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Say what you like about Eldar Murtazin, but one thing is for sure this guy does give some insightful info into the mobile phone space especially a lot about Nokia considering his growing reputation of being a ‘Nokia hater’. His Symbain 3 review was thoroughly reviewed for someone that is called a Nokia hater but if you read it it gives some harsh truths about the state of the UI on Symbian devices. You can read this and some of my thoughts here.

But after the Symbian 3 review he also posted another article which you can read here with some very interesting news from Nokia and some interesting snippets about future N8’s……..

Some of the main points in the article:

  • There will be more models of the N8 like N8-01, N8-02, N8-03 (I thought the new numbering system was supposed to be easier !!!)
  • There will be a 32 GB version of the N8 and some sort of music service in certain countries ( I am guessing ‘Comes with music’) will retail about 425-450 EUR and be announced during Nokia world in september
  • There will be a ‘cheap’ version of the N8 WITHOUT a 12 megapixel camera and less memory retail about 230-250 EUR (talk about cheap)
  • There will be a senior version of the N8 with and qwerty keyboard resembling the n97 but there will be camera with less megapixels, but this phone which a render was leaked could also be the first Symbian 4 phone
  • He does advice people that want a keyboard that they should wait for the N8 with qwerty keyboard coming soon apparently
  • N8 is a replacement for the Nokia 5800 (HARSH!!!) or people who haven’t had experiences with other OS’s (another shot to the Nokia fans)
  • AMOLED on the N8 is superior to the Google Nexus One
  • Nokia is not able to create screens as good as Apple or Samsung (SAMSUNG !!!!! whats his beef with Nokia and Samsung)
  • The N8 will have ‘Memory full’ problems like N97 due to the low amount of RAM (REALLYYY!!!)
  • Battery management is great and he even praises Nokia engineers for that
  • Average usage is 2 days when fully charged (not bad )
  • Fastest Symbian phone to date
  • Software not as good as iPhone 3GS let alone the iPhone 4, even BADA phones are faster (BADA FASTER REALLYYY !!!)
  • Samsung Wave is the benchmark for the N8 (REALLYYY !!!)
  • Nokia N9 offers totally new interface (YEEESSS!!!) borrowed features from Android (will take that)
  • Meego will look comparable to BADA OS and will look like current modern OS ‘s currently on the market like (iOS, Android, WebOS etc) (he’s definitely has seen the N9 and is defiantly good news)
  • N8 is decent but unremarkable
  • Goal of the N8 is to keep sales of phones comparable to competitors
  • Excitement will fade after a few months as nokia will offer technologically more advanced devices (YEEESSS !!!)
  • The N8 is not an all-in-one phone like the Nokia N95 was (REALLYYY !!!)

Part of me thinks the N8 is is just another beta device like the Nokia N900 especially the since the news that the N8 will be the last Symbian device.

Unfortunately I think I will not be buying the N8 based on some of Eldar’s comments but also because of the Meego news which I think has a far better future than Symbian. Although the situation could change

Eldar does seem to make some good point’s about Symbian being unexciting, but he keeps on comparing it to Samsung devices in particular BADA the last time I read something on BADA, Engadget was making fun of it.

One thing is for sure that I will have to get my hands on a BADA device and compare it to Symbian.

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