Videos: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 5800 (in 6 Nokia N8 hands on videos).

| June 26, 2010 | 15 Replies

MForumRu has a host of Nokia N8 videos for you to look at. The one that’s worth noting is the N8 vs 5800 video (Screen comparison)

  • Obviously the difference is more clear in person, but even over the video you can see the richer, higher contrast, more vibrant AMOLED display from the N8 vs the TFT of the 5800.
  • Panning of the photos in the N8 is significantly smoother.
  • Zooming with pinch and zoom is of course a big plus over 5800’s tap/zoom bar
  • Also wider viewing angle from the N8 with AMOLED


This next video covers homescreen, menu, SMS, but you’ll also notice another comparison with the N8:

  • New icons (though 5800 is on non standard theme)
  • New QWERTY Keyboard


Camera and Video

  • Brief comparison of N8 and 5800 camera UI






Physical Overview



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  • Andre

    It’s really strange but I constantly get the impression that the N8 is a rather thick device, don’t quite know why.

    • Scott

      …yeah, I wonder if its to do with the fact that the thickness of the n8 phone is alot THICKER than the nokia models that came before it… HMMMMMmmmmmm…. LOL! 🙂

      Good or not, the N8 will be nothing but a test bed for the N9. Its essentially an n9 with missing features, physical (eg lack of a lens cover), or non-physical (eg lacking in up to date java/flash for browsing, as well as the same old problems of the N900-screen vsynch tearing with scrolling software, with phone audio still worse than my $20 backup phone thats lying around here somewhere).

      Of course, nokia already know that the fanbase will just keep on upgrading at £300/$600 a time, so they will never make that “ultimate” phone with everything you really need.. but thats how they continue to make money!

      • Very true but as a pay monthly customer I won’t be spending that much money on the handset. 😉 So upgrades are easy and cheap for me.

  • Se o ma

    Damn! the iPhone killer just got killed lol

  • Gemma

    I’ve got a 5800 and it works well for me but that’s what I’ll be upgrading from when I buy a N8.

  • samuel

    n8 or 5800 more sound 5800 or n8 pliss help

  • Scott

    Ill be giving this one a miss.. no slide out keyboard, which is essential for fast typing! I dont care whether you have fingers the size of a 5 yr old, touch screen typing for me is slow and something Id rather avoid 🙁

  • Ya r u promoting N8?
    The old Smart Phone which stands on this position was the Nokia 5800 Xperess Music, which is good phone at its launch with 3.2MP Autofocus Camera with Carl Zeiss zoom and Xenon flash with automatic red-eye removal. But the new Nokia N8 comes with a much better quality camera of 12MP including all features in 5800 with an extra feature of High Definition video of 720p resolution and a better clarity but in same aspect ratio of 16:9. But Nokia 5800 Xperess Music has the ability to play High Definition video, but can’t record in High Definition and record video in TV/DVD quality. The Nokia 5800 Xperess Music has an internal memory of only 81MB which is upgraded to 16GB in the N8. Both have hot swap external memory, in Nokia 5800 Xperess Music it is 16 GB where as in N8 it is 32GB. The Nokia 5800 Xperess Music has Dual LED flash whereas Nokia N8 has Xenon flash with automatic red-eye removal.

    More at

  • HD Videos captured in Nokia N8

    Really great video quality there, great colours, great audio – makes for great sharing. The digital zoom bit is very brief but as noted in countless other Nokia N8 videos, it is pretty much as good as optical.

    visit to view the video

  • WORLD’S HARDEST FLOORBALL SHOT (205.0 km/h) – measured and filmed (HD) with Nokia N8!

    The Finnish National Floorball Team player Otto Tikka shot a new world record 205.0 km/h. The record was measured with Speedhero Magical Games App using Nokia N8 and Stalker Sport speed radar gun. The record was made during the Finnish National Floorball Team training camp.

    The measuring of the top speed is based on advanced sound recognition technology using the microphone of your mobile phone. Speedhero uses sophisticated algorithms to detect the first impact sound (your contact with the ball) and the second impact sound (the ball’s impact on the wall). Then, using a tested sport specific flight time dynamic formula and the processing power of your mobile phone, Speedhero instantly calculates the top speed of the ball.

    video at

  • :i was a 58oo user since early 2009, i never liked other phones since it’s just a little bit better than my 5800, i never liked iphones, too, since i can’t have my itunes with me all the time, i was supposed to get the iphone 4 though because it looks really cool, a friend has it and the photos it takes aren’t good, after all it’s just a 5MP cam, so i still didn’t get it and waited for the N8, now i got it and i’m inlove with it. i hate that 5800 doesn’t have dedicated keys for music on it while it’s an express music, you need the headset for that, and you can’t put a toolbar on it’s home screen, only a shortcut which will be gone the moment you exit the player. now my N8 still doesn’t have the dedicated keys for it and you would still need the headset for that (i don’t like N8′s fettuccine-like-headset though…), but you can put a toolbar on the home screen which stays there until you delete it, and since there are three home screens, you can still keep a clutter-free one unlike 5800 which only has one. the 12MP is so cool, but you can’t keep hidden photos/videos/files as it will all show up on photos/videos/files gallery (not yet sure though, i haven’t read the manual yet, but as of now, even the files sent thru bluetooth which i usually keep in a folder in the deepest part of my messages are showing up on the photo/video gallery, i’ll let you know soon if we can hide it…), so no porn! and the speaker is located beside the camera, yes at the back of the phone, so the sound gets suppressed everytime you put it in a case or if you put it on a table with the screen up, and i’m not happy about it. the package also didn’t come with a case, micro SD, or any nokia N8 item, i usually get something from my nokias but this one didn’t come with any, just a headset and those cables that is necessary for you to maximize its memory reader feature. But all in all, i still think it’s better than iphone 4 and the best one for me now! You can have a lot of apps for nokia unlike iphones, the best app so far for my nokia that iphones doesn’t have is the finger print scanner lock, everybody goes crazy over it, whenever people see me scanning my thumb print to unlock the phone there would always be a “where’d u get that? is that real?” coming from them. Ooops… it’s 5800 vs N8, not iphone4 vs. N8, sorry… but we all know that iphone 4 is better than 5800, so N8 still wins, for me.

  • i think that nokia n8 is quite better than nokia 5800 as comparison with the camera and screen , nokia n8 is the best. But in price nokia n8 available in 24000 and nokia 5800 is available in 13-15000 its a high difference. But in my vision nokia n8 is the best.

    • patrick

      :N8 is better of course, it’s supposed to be better, there should be no comparison at all, N8′s price is 24K now, with all those features it’s cheap, unlike 5800 that started at 19K…

      on subhra:N8 is around 24K now since it just hit the market, the reason ehy 5800 is way cheaper because it’s been in the market for more than a year now, it started at 19K, there should be no comparison…

  • :N8 is better of course, it’s supposed to be better, there should be no comparison at all, N8’s price is 24K now, with all those features it’s cheap, unlike 5800 that started at 19K…

    on subhra:N8 is around 24K now since it just hit the market, the reason ehy 5800 is way cheaper because it’s been in the market for more than a year now, it started at 19K, there should be no comparison…

  • prince

    can vlc meadia player be instaled on n8? Help