Legal Action against Eldar Murtazin taken by Nokia

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Ohh, today Nokia released a statement on their official blog explaining that Legal Action has been taken against Eldar for the possession of the pre production unit of the Nokia N8 he leaked 1 day before the official launch. Some inaccurate information was reported saying that Nokia wanted the popular Mobile-Review side to be closed down aswell which has been denied though. Also the statement on the blog explains Legal matters where not taken in recent criticisms from Eldar, instead according to Nokia Eldar has some some of Nokia’s intellectual property. Eldar is popular in leaking Nokia devices and then dissing them straight afterwards even though they are pre production units.

Eldar is an incredible guy, I mean I read an interview with him a few months ago and where he was taking about how he was on holiday in London and they (his wife) went into an 02 store to look at phones but his wife diddn’t like any of them as she has used all the phones like 2 years before !!! thats crazy

Eldar Murtazin

Eldar  did post some tweets during the day denying any wrongdoing saying that Nokia haven’t contacted him and even posted a tweet saying that Nokia claim he is a Samsung Research consultant which he categorically denied, he probably is considering the number of times he considers Samsung phones to be better than Nokia’s

My opinions on this are that I do not want Nokia to go into the Apple zone here just like the Gizmodo case with the iPhone 4. Eldar has repeatedly said that Nokia’s recent security with prototype devices is pretty weak and they aren’t doing anything to improve the situation there. I do hope Nokia improve this situation as they are in a tight spot and are in massive pressure to perform both from shareholders and consumers with recent news that Samsung sold more feature phone’s than Nokia in western Europe confidence in the finnish giant is decreasing everyday.

Having phones being leaked so early is a bad image for Nokia especially to high profile figures such as Eldar who can just with a blog post pretty much create a negative image around a device which he has done with the N8. Credible blogs and news sites around the world picked up on the leaked images and the first impressions and without even using the device themselves already dismissing it, which is a shame as I am sure that Nokia have worked hard on the N8 to get it right.

One thing that I have noted is that Eldar has sort of stopped leaking devices recently an noted some time ago that he usually waits for someone else to release some news before he adds some credibility on those leaks, an exmaple is the N8-01, N9, E7, could it be that Nokia have warned him early on and Eldar is only bluffing by saying that Nokia have not contacted him I don’t know you make up your own conclusions there.

I do hope Nokia are making some improvements in terms of security as it is important to keep trade secrets from competitors.

What do you think of Nokia’s action there ? where they right or wrong and what do you think about Eldar Murtazin as an individual ? let us know in the comments


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