Video: New N8 hands-on

| July 14, 2010 | Reply

Here’s another Nokia N8 hands-on video. This time the N8 appeared in Switzerland.

The N8 looks fluid. It looks like this one has plenty of music albums and still no lag. The photos took a bit longer to load (two to three seconds). Once it loaded, going into folders was fine and took a second to load all the pictures. The pinch to zoom works fine. A few seconds later the video folder appeared randomly which I suppose wasn’t expected.

But anyways this is only a prototype, there are still weeks until final (retail) product.

Update: Translated by skills : ”We listened to our customers, we improved the speed added pinch zooming and so on. The device will appear on the market in fall. The cowerflow runs at 60 fps.”


Video uploaded by lioninside


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