Nokia supposedly looking for new CEO

| July 20, 2010 | Reply

You might have noticed that the Wall street Journal is reporting that Nokia are actively searching for a new CEO to rejuvenate their past successes. A lot has been made after the reporting and apparently Nokia already have interviewed two candidates nothing has been confirmed yet but looking at the blogs and new sites today it seems like it is a reality.

Do Nokia really need a new CEO ???

Some Nokia investors have already said that Nokia needs a “Silicon Valley CEO” (complete utter nonsense BTW!!!)

Steal some executive from Apple, Google, Palm (John Rubenstein anyone ???) or Google  (maybe)

Someone from American that understands the American market well  apparently (maybe)

What pisses me off is that Americans think no Finnish person can run Nokia properly (are you eeffin kidding me !!!!) you don’t need an American CEO to be successful they have had tons of Finnish executives and had success in the past and some in the present (5800 is a sales success). Nokia didn’t become the worlds biggest handset manufacturer by luck it happened by hard work.

In my opinion Nokia doesn’t need a new CEO it will only delay plans with their roadmaps and future plans

Nokia need young fresh developers and designers from the outside who have lived the smartphone revolution since the iPhone launched in 2007 (BTW that could include Jay, Andre, Andy, Marc and ME !!!) alright joking aside I do mean it, there are bright people out there that could bring Nokia back to its glory days, they especially need people with software background as its the are they seem to be struggling most

What do you think ??? let us know in the comments


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