Ovi Browser?

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One of our commenters just dropped a couple links to a new twitter account called “Ovi Browser” and while none of us really knows what or why,  CJ over at ZOMGITSCJ just put up a post somewhat validating this new account.

Apparently this twitter account is being published by the “Ovi Daily app” twitter account which lends some credence to the notion that this is an official application.

CJ also stumbled upon a page as well as a Nokia Beta-Labs page for this same “app/service” Given that it’s a pretty much known fact that the current Symbian Browser is pants and there has been a lot bandied about with regards to a new, updated browser All of us are probably pretty curious as to where this goes.

Both links are inaccessible by mere commoners (read bloggers) at this time. Tell us what you think this might be in the comments.

Nokia Beta Labs is a Nokia-built website for sharing some of the exciting new things that Nokia have been working on and to gather feedback about how they work in real-life situations and how they can be improved.

Some of the cool apps that have come out of Beta Labs are Ovi Contacts (Think BBM), Nokia Bots,  Nokia Notifications, Ovi Mail and Photo Browser to name a few. Check them out at and leave your feedback on the apps available there.

Thanks NeNoRmAl & CJ


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