Mobile Choice Awards crowns Nokia N8 As Best Sat Nav, beating gigantum Dell Streak, iPhone 4, Garmin Asus Navi Phone and Desire

| October 26, 2010 | Reply

Thanks to Alex68 for the heads up to on this post from Mobile Choice UK. They’ve awarded the N8 the title of Best Sat Nav.

And here’s their reason why:

Nokia announced this year that its excellent Ovi Maps would not only no longer cost a penny, you could also utilise your Nokia’s navigation no matter where you are in the world. With the Nokia N8 this means, users can enjoy detailed maps on the vibrant 3.5-inch display complete with voice guidance to their destination, stopping off at any number of points of interest, whether travelling by car or on foot. With an array of features including the ability to record your own voice guidance instructions, as well as a host of Lonely Planet Guides preloaded, Ovi Maps latest trick, ‘Check In’ lets you post your GPS location with a message and/or picture to social networks including Facebook and Twitter.



In my experience with the N8, GPS is fast and accurate – maintains the signal once locked (which is quick thanks to the three points of connection, GPS, A-GPS and WiFi positioning). Combine with Ovi Maps and it has always let me find my way out when I’m lost. It’s really pleasing to see Ovi Maps and Nokia Sat Nav graduate to a level where they’re just really reliable and not just some gimmick.

Let’s take a look again at the upcoming version of Ovi Maps from Vaibhav at the HandHeld Blog


Mobile Choice UK


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  • Jim
  • kamuscasio

    That keyboard!!!
    that keyboard!!!!

    So it is possible to have a keyboard without covering the whole phone.

    • Roger

      Yes, but we already knew that – it’s standard in S3, it’s just apps have to make a slight modification to use it – it doesn’t happen automatically.

  • Roger

    At last some recognition where it’s deserved. So when you buy an N8 ‘sat nav’ you also get thrown in for free the best camera on the market, the best video cam, best smartphone, and so on and so on 🙂

  • alex68

    I am going to get new browser soon. If anyone has any questions, please write here. I will make a demo for new browser this night. I will ask someone to help me so I can make a good quality demo video this time. 🙂

    • Dave

      How much better is it than the browser the n8 ships with? 😀

      • alex68

        I am waiting for children in bed. You will see soon. I will show it and people judge. But remember it is still in development phase. There is a lot of room for improvement before it is ready. The demo is to show UI for people who want to see before making a buy decision.

      • alex68

        Homescreen interface sees improvements too. I will show the surprise.

        • chfyfx

          appreciate it. hope to see it soon

          • alex68

            Sorry, I have a problem to upload the video to Youtube. I will try it tomorrow. I need to get up very early tomorrow morning.

        • Keith

          If you can, can you PLEASE show a comparison of the new browser with the iOS/Android Browser?

          I know it must be a BETA but still, WP& browser was crazy fast even in beta form, I hope Nokia did it right this time 🙂

  • Stylinred

    sigh im angered and yet surprised that nokia is having difficulties getting units out so many sites offering the n8 are back ordered for a few months or have yet to get any stock in 🙁

    • Rant

      I believe this is a tactic by Nokia. Minimize available handsets, for two reasons:

      1. Create an artificial shortage thus making it seem like this device is so hot that it isn’t even available.
      2. A small amount of units in circulation allows for changes to be made if there appears to be a major flaw in the hardware or software that can’t be easily fixed. Hence; N97 RAM trouble.

      Either way, good business decision. The N8 will sell anyway, and if it doesn’t the C7 or C6-01 will. 🙂

      • Jim

        Yea . I also know another company who uses the same tactic.

        • Rant

          So many do it, consumers are gullible.
          They’ll believe anything they’re being fed, they don’t do their own research.

          You see it everyday in your local mall. But hey that’s the way the economy or capitalism works.

      • Stylinred

        yeah i thought of that but it seems like far too long of a delay for this to seem like a tactic as ive considered buying “something else” on many occasions and almost did so :/

      • James

        Given the lower profit margin of Nokia phones, I doubt Nokia is “creating” the shortage when doing so would not only mean a delayed sale and cash return but also more rent to store those units. With Nokia having a much wider world wide market than all other brands, I think they are pumping out phones as fast as they can only to be able to share a much smaller amount in each region.

        I placed an order with a local Nokia shop last Monday, was originally arriving on the 23rd but it was ready for pickup on the 20th. Perhaps, hopefully the wait is also not as great elsewhere either.

        • Charles

          The N8 apparently won’t arrive in my country until mid-November at the earliest. =(

          I live in a first world country too…not some banana republic… =(

    • Murble

      Amazon and Newegg have received their stock today (US).
      I would expect more resellers to start getting theirs soon-ish.

      Then we will see it on sale for much less then that $549 price.

      • Duncan

        Yeah, maybe some of the retailers that have a price of $450. I want a N8 but am waiting until said retailers get a physical inventory.

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  • i agree. i suggest you guys should also try the beta version. pinch to zoom and panning is so smooth. check it out on my site

    • James

      I actually prefer the +/- zooming over pinch zooming where I can control the Maps singlehandedly; whereas it is also certain that one would need two hands to pinch zoom.

  • Bfrenz

    Yes james I prefer both.
    Pinch to zoom before driving.
    Rocker while driving…

  • nathan

    its that paki again