Nokia C6-01 First Clear Black Display phone starts shipping today! (Another addition to Symbian^3 line up)

| November 4, 2010 | 76 Replies

The cute little Nokia C6-01, undoubtedly will be another best seller for Nokia like the 5800 starts shipping today! It’s powered by Symbian^3 and under the hood shares the same processor and GPU as its bigger brothers N8 and C7. However, like the Biiiiiiig E7, it has a truly brilliant screen – clear black display – true blacks, high contrast, high saturation that’s comparable and some would say better than Super AMOLED. Even Engadget says it’s glorious.

From Nokia Conversations:

The new Nokia C6 is the smallest and most affordable of the new family of Symbian devices. The C6-01 measures 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9mm and weighs in at just 131g. Like its siblings, it’s a fully functional communicator with support for 3G and WiFi on board. It’s got a 3.2-inch AMOLED capacitive touch-screen featuring the new ClearBlack display technology for the first time (more about that in a later post). The C6-01 is also one of Nokia’s greenest devices to date, featuring the use of bioplastics and recycled metals for much of its construction.

It doesn’t skimp on multimedia, either, with an eight-megapixel full focus camera with dual-LED flash. The camera’s also capable of shooting 720p high-definition video. The usable internal memory (340MB) is probably a tad tight for that, but can be souped-up with a microSD memory card for over 32GB of storage. There’s a 2GB card to get you started in the box. Like all the recent devices, it comes with free navigation through Ovi Maps, extra apps from Ovi Store and tunes from Ovi Music.

“The Nokia C6-01 is designed for the consumer who wants to stay on top of their social life while on the go,” said Jo Harlow, head of smartphones. “The new Symbian platform makes social networking fast and easy, while from the design point of view the Nokia C6-01 fits perfectly in your palm. Even the smallest of hands can reach every corner of the screen!”

Thanks to Keith for the heads up to!


via Nokia Conversations

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  1. cy says:

    c6 01 is an real successor to 5800,

    its cbd amoled display make n8 users envy

    n8 screen not bad

    • Dave says:

      But the camera and internal memory, as well as the incredibly sturdy build (the metal feels so much better than plastics) will make C6-01 users weep …..

      The N8 screen is totally usable in bright sunlight, although maybe not at the same level as the C6-01.

      Regardless of that, the C6-01 is hopefully going to be an incredibly popular device. Should sell well, assuming the shop staff can actually give good advice (unlike those in my local Orange Shop who were about as close to incompetent as a person could be).

  2. Roger says:

    Ironic that this ‘cheapo’ Nokia outguns the premium iPhone 4 on many fronts. But wait, no, it’s not priced as ‘high end’ so that can’t possibly be true, right? ;-)

    This is what Nokia deserve big credit for – bringing the best technology to the masses at the most affordable prices, unlike their rip off competitors.

    • Rant says:

      Perhaps true, but Nokia can’t be some filantropistic company which mission is bringing technology to the masses for low-low prices. They need to make the big money in order to be able to bring technology to the lower regions. The way they are doing business now (low prices high market share) can’t last.
      If market share decreases so do prices, if you have high prices but low market share you can just lower the price and increase market penetration.

      Nokia can’t do this since they are already at the bottom end of market prices. So eventhough it works now, this strategy could potentially be deadly if some setbacks occur.

      However, this is thinking from a somewhat tech-savy crowd perspective. If you think about all the people still using basic featurephones that want a smartphone but can’t afford it. Then Nokia is the one to go to.
      But in due time that market will be fullfilled. Whichever way you look at it, Nokia need high-margin products that not only bring in the money but also bring back the pizzaz that the brand has been lacking since a couple of years.

      • Don says:

        True, but you have to remember profits are calculated after taking out the costs, Nokia spends enormous amounts of money on R&D, and there is an enormous savings potential in streamlining the Ovi services instead of using overpaid consultants sitting around in meetings all day and paying shitty agencies way too much for crappy apps like the UK x-factor disaster.

        Just mean they’re not bankrupt yet, but agree with your points.

      • Average Joe says:

        The C6-01 won’t rank among the most expensive smartphones, but it’s no C1-02 either.

        It’s probably going to cost around 300 € in my country, that is one third of the average monthly salary here (and we’re a founding state of the EU, not a developing economy).

        IIRC it’s the same price range of the N73 at launch, and back then Nokia dominated the high-end smartphone market too, so they didn’t need “philanthropy”.

        • Rant says:

          It’s not about what it actually costs to a consumers. It’s more a case of what it costs to manufacture.
          Sure, Nokia will make enough money of of this device. Otherwise they wouldn’t sell it right?
          But even the figures provided by Nokia themselves have shown a downward trend in profit per device.

          This phenomenon won’t hurt the business this instant but it does put pressure on the R&D expenditures.
          Ambitious ideas will have to be canned due to lack of funds for it.

          In my persepective this means that the real high end devices (MeeGo and such) can’t be developed to an optimum range because it costs to much.

          I admit that this is just making it sound way more grim than it actually is. Nokia knows better than this individual I presume :P
          But still, they have to come with a smashing portfolio of real high-end devices in the very near future to increase revenue per device so R&D expenditure can stay at a healthy level.

          • Don says:

            Of course Nokia has lower profit per device, when measured in absolute dollars, since it sells cheaper phones. You can’t have a $600 markup on phone that sells for $100, and this has nothing to do with manufacturing costs and the BOM.

            The ppd static would be more fair if done in relative terms, but shareholders like absolute dollars more than relative ones :)

            In any case, as soon as the E7 starts shipping there are no unnanounced phones we’re waiting for, so it’s time for some high end action where profits are higher.

  3. Average Joe says:

    I would have preferred a camera with less megapixels, but autofocus. But I reckon it’s not possible to make everyone 100% happy. I still fancy this phone and it’s the one I will buy should my current phone die (and it might just have some unfortunate accident soon).

  4. Keith says:

    This phone will simply rock. The CBD is one of the main attraction of the phone besides it’s price! It’s amazing how Nokia has managed to fit some high-end technology into this mid-end phone :)

  5. Phoneholic says:

    Hi guys, do u know anything bout the 32 GB version of N8 (maybe N8-01) ?
    Will it come with CBD?
    I wish it will though.

    • Rant says:

      I have read a little snippet about that a while ago. Rather unreliable, but it stated that there are still 3 more S3 devices coming this year. If that will be variants of existing ones or completely new ones I don’t know.

      • alex68 says:

        At least 2 N8 variants for American and Chinese operators (by year end) and one very fast Symbian 3 phone.

        • A-S-D says:

          Questions about the very fast S^3 Phone.
          Will it have a camera that comes close to N8′s?
          How much will it cost?
          Screen Size?
          I heard something about a phone with a qwerty keyboard and 12 MPx camera coming at the end of the year. I’m not sure if that the release date or announce date was mid-December. I’m also not sure if the person was getting confused between it and the E7 though that only has a 8 mpx camera.

          • alex68 says:

            This year no any other 12Mpx camera phone.

            I forgot to mention there will be also a Symbian 3 Qwerty phone from E7x series, but likely a thing next year.

            Nokia is researching another super camera phone focusing on focus and etc but won’t be ready by the end of next year.

        • NeNoRmAl says:

          I guess that very fast device will be the Nokia X7 ???

        • Cod3rror says:

          Hopefully not the X7, that would be a waste of hardware.

          And what are we talking about when we say “very fast” Cortex-A8? 512MB RAM?

        • JFH says:

          Alex68, what makes this device so fast? Is it a more modern processor?

        • chfyfx says:

          X7 and E6?

  6. Pat Walsh says:

    Hey guys would be delighted if you gave some coverage to this trip that I am taking using my N8. The more coverage this great devise gets the better!

    Nothing But A Nokia

  7. Rant says:

    alex68 :
    This year no any other 12Mpx camera phone.
    I forgot to mention there will be also a Symbian 3 Qwerty phone from E7x series, but likely a thing next year.
    Nokia is researching another super camera phone focusing on focus and etc but won’t be ready by the end of next year.

    Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table. The N8 already blew me away.
    That is the part I like about Nokia, true convergence of devices.
    Not in terms of software perhaps, but in terms of hardware it truly is.

  8. offtopic says:

    what is the good weather app for pilot?

    Does google maps works in n8?

  9. Jakob says:

    Can anybody with an N8 answer this please?!! When your phone is screen locked and you press the bottom button to unlock it, the clock that is displayed, what color is it? Purple? White?

    • Don says:

      Clock is mostly (bright) white, seconds hand is grey, round outline is a gradient gray.


      • Jakob says:

        The upper half of my clock is purple. I have found that I a defective screen. I had no idea that the purple accents I have been seeing in the clock and the weird black levels in videos were not normal. I have to replace my N8 as a result.

  10. borec says:

    Do you realize that CBD AMOLED is made by Samsung?

    • JFH says:

      Do you realize that is not true? Samsung sends them regular Amoled, they do the CBD part themselves.

      • Rant says:

        Can hardly believe they do, that would only cost money. Why have half-baked displays shipped with risk of damage in that state to only chuck more money into refitting the screens yourself.

        It’s more probable that Samsung delivers them ready made and just can’t use the CBD tech on screens for others.

        By the way, have heard that CBD is screentech discarded by Samsung. Not a shame though since it works awesome.

      • alex68 says:

        CDB is Nokia technology. I think it might be patented by Nokia. It is competing with Samsung’s super-amoled in some sensen that Nokia doesn’t depend so much on Samsung’s super-amoled product.

        Does anyone know that ITC board members made a decision that Nokia did not fringe Apple’s patents. On the other hand, Apple definitely fringes Nokia’s patents as those are hardcore telecommunication technology and standards that are not easy to create new or work around. This December, Apple may have to surrender and make payment agreement with Nokia as court trial will make it even more expensive.

        • alex68 says:

          The defeat of Apple’s UI patents tell UI things are not high and core technology. You can have the same UI but implement them using different method. UI is just like cosmetics for women.

          • Rant says:

            Read a little about it. Interesting stuff.

            Most important is indeed as you say the hardcore GSM/3G etc. stuff they have patents for. Apple is just throwing in some counterweight with their multitouch patents and UI patents.

            However, the ITC ruling is notinh definitive. It’s up to a judge to determine, however in the past it appeared that it hasn’t happened often (or not at all) that an ITC ruling was discarded.

            Let’s see what happens; interesting times.

  11. mamos says:


    can it possible to replace the nokia n8 display with the new ClearBlack display ?

  12. Keith says:

    alex68 :
    Nokia is researching another super camera phone focusing on focus and etc but won’t be ready by the end of next year.

    I suppose thats what Damian Dining was talking about in his tweet about working on the “major project”

    Dang it! I just bought the N8! But yeah, it will still reign till next year :)

    • alex68 says:

      yep, N8′s mission is fulfilled. It is time to move on.

      People really no need to regret as technology and product always evolve. If you want to wait for the best and latest, you’ll be in endless waiting mode :).

      But I am going to wait for Meego anyway. Now N9 is in top secret. They are working on a few really cool things, revolutionary things. It is worth waiting.

      • Keith says:

        Thats true too, Today’s technology will get old tomorrow as new stuff comes out! But I’m happy with N8. Although I do want to buy the N9 when it comes out. Hopefully it will come to Canada soon after its announcement. I’ll sell my N8 then. If I have spare money,, I might keep both ;)

        Yes, N900 was quite revolutionary itself and the fact that it was not even close to what MeeGo devices will be makes us wonder what awesomeness is in store for us! N9 will definitely change the term “smartphone”.

        Hoever, no matter how awesome the N9 is, if Nokia doesn’t do proper marketing (N8 marketing wasn’t even close to iPhone 4′s), it might not get the recognition that it would deserve; at least in North America…..Hope Nokia has something big in store :)

        • A-S-D says:

          The main reason I want to buy the N8 is the low price. Which means unless the new one also has a relatively low price, I won’t regret buying the N8 :P

  13. alex68 says:

    In the past, Symbian/Nokia were too feature oriented and the product managers seemed to have no idea how to prioritize the tasks in the to-do list. They could have made a better browser for S60V5 already 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe symbian engineers just did not know how to make good UI and they did not know what problems symbian browser has.

    In recent years, the development of Symbian was led very terribly. S60v5 finally went to a dead corner and Symbian 4 recently was dead after over one year development. The orbit layer between Symbian and QT was really very bad, low efficiency and more fragmentation. The N9 (direct) had similar design structure. Now Nokia engineers0 have to remove the middle layer and make QT directly powered on Symbian and Meego.

    All these architecture changes happened after Elop took the position and wanted to have office powered on Symbian, but MS told not to like the orbit. Anssi and Ari were really not good leaders to lead the development at Nokia anymore.

    I DO hope Nokia to learn from recent 2,3 years lesson and move to UI oriented and friendly development.

    • Rant says:

      I like how it is already visible that the recent CEO and managment changes are taking effect. However, the real effects will be visible this time next year.

      I also hope that Nokia will learn from the past 2-3 years. They have shown in the past that they are more than capable of developing modern/revolutionary things.
      Eventhough it seems harder to do in this day and age there still are enough possibilities to innovate.
      Looking forward to 2011.

  14. alex68 says:

    This C6-01 is the fastest among all the Symbian 3 phones so far. This is the truck load phone by Nokia.

    Does anybody install recent updates? Have you noticed any improvement in touch already?

  15. lifeblogueur says:

    I thought that the Nokia C7-00 was the first Clear Black Display Nokia phone…

  16. snowy says:

    Any news for American carriers concerning symbian 3 devices?

  17. Raj says:

    Now i cant reply to your post lol anyway. Ya i use WiFi i dont have 3g. In my old 5800Xm it always shows on my wifi if there were any updates. So I dont know what to do. Let me ask you this Is there any FW updates are out for N8. I am running 011.012 currently. Ovi Suit says thats latest update.

    • Don says:

      No, that’s the latest firmware. There have been the midnight theme update, and a “phone apps” update so far.

      • alex68 says:

        It seems that Nokia has had many themes developed in house. Don’t understand why they did not put those themes there when N8 was released. Many people port S60v5 themes to N8 and get the phone broken.

        Hopefully, we will get those themes in software updates soon. I have seen many of themes in the development software as well as new features for home screen.

      • Raj says:

        Can you tell me specific app update? cause i did got midnigh theme update but that’s it.

    • alex68 says:

      I can not answer you now as my firmware is not a retail one. When I used a retail firmware before last week, I got updates 2 or 3 times already. And I heard there was also another one just out.

  18. alex68 says:

    I can not answer you now as my firmware is not a retail one. When I used a retail firmware before last week, I got updates 2 or 3 times already. And I heard there was also another one just out.

    Maybe someone who got update can help check the firmware version for you.

  19. n-user says:

    As you can see on the vid, you got to tap 3 times just to listen to your fav track; music player > music > track (music player widget on Home Screen doesn’t count). This kind of OLD-FASHIONED UI should be replaced by “1 icon = 1 app” style and no more sub-folders pls. :)

  20. Ketan says:

    My c7 doesn’t have any update. Wanted c6-01 more but lack of fm transmitter and smaller screen was a no go.

  21. Ketan says:

    It hanged twice yesterday. Tried to open an app while installation of asphalt 5 was going on. That’s weird. Also tried to play an mkv file, video played fine but no audio. 1.5gb, h264 at 4.0, transferred via mass storage. I hope ac3 audio codec is supported. Also tried to play 700mb avi, after fast forwarding, audio was audible almost 5 seconds after video which played perfectly. I know i’m offtopic but i think this is the best place to ask such questions. Should i perform hard reset and format mass memory as well?

  22. alex68 says:

    Nothing is wrong with the phone. You are just abusing it or having unreasonable expectation or concept.

    Asphalt 5 is a pretty heavy app for a phone. If you open an app on a PC while an heavy app is running, what would you expect your PC to behave? Check also your DVD and/or Video players with the fast forwarding behavior. Remember it is just a phone, not a super computing device.

    I really feel very bored and hate to talk this kind of very basic and concept things.

    • alex68 says:

      If you want to know how your phone performs, go to settings->applications->rnd tools->perfmon. It shows the cpu and memory usage.

  23. Ketan says:

    Well, running only 2 apps is not abusing for sure. The phone should not have hanged. I waited for almost 10 minutes for it to respond but it didn’t. Regarding movies, if n8 and c7 are having same hardware for video playback, why c7 is having problems with a file that n8 can play without problem. That’s my question n that’s why i asked.
    I’m die hard symbian user for last 5 years by the way. My concepts about it are very clear.

    • alex68 says:

      C7 and N8 have the same os but physically they are not the same strong in term of performance. N8 has 16B internal memory while C7 has 8GB. You have to operate the device and have the reasanable expectation according to the hardware ability and capacity. The same things go with PC. You pay for what you get.

      • alex68 says:

        vice versa you get what you pay for.

      • Don says:

        Actually (and please correct me if I am wrong), they are *exactly* the same in terms of performance, same CPU, same GPU, same RAM, same screen resolution.

        Differences can of course exist in built-in storage space, in build quality, camera module, screen module, touch sensor hardware, speakers, fm transmitter, NFC, etc etc etc.

        This is the whole point of the S^3 phones, to be a unified hardware base to target.

        A C7 should play back a video exactly the same as an N8. Differences could be in firmware, combination of installed apps and updates, perhaps the C7 built-in storage is slower to stream the video or is fragmented more, there has to be some reason of course.

        But a phone should never just hang, if fully loaded yes it can drop frames or A/V sync or close some app to free up memory, that’s part of “expectations”, but not just hanging and needing a reboot.

        It doesn’t help anyone to not be able to offer any criticism; there are weak spots and they don’t get fixed by denying them.

        Otherwise very much appreciate your contributions alex :)

        • Ketan says:

          I’m gonna do full format of mass memory and hard reset. Still if it doesn’t play audio from mkv which played fine in my friend’s N8, i’m gonna be really mad. Taking out codec support as a part of cost cutting is ridiculous, hardware being there. Atleast audio in 700mb dvdrip of SD quality shouldn’t be lagging by whole 5 seconds. That isn’t justifiable.

          • dsmobile says:

            Hmm that’s weird. Would be really stupid if it is like that. HDMI out should really be only difference in playback.

        • alex68 says:

          I was under impression that C7 had less hardware capability than N8. I just checked and found that actually C7 has more ROM than N8. Theoretically C7 performance could beat N8 a bit.

          Then again when taking about performance, the same tests should be done on the same clean N8 and C7 running in the same state. Ideally, reflash the same version firmware and
          install the same software and do the same operations…

          The C7′s problems all seem point to a memory issue. asphalt 5 is very big, 700mb avi is pretty big, and mkv codec is known quite resource demanding (it even lags on pc complained by people).

          Now symbian^3 supports virtual memory with swap partition. If there is no swap partition, it falls back
          to paging read-only pages. So the unused parts of application/dll code can be discarded and paged in on demand. Theoretically and technically, Symbian 3 supports better memory management and multitasking.

          Again, no idea what has been done to the C7 already. Does the C7 leave “any room” for the Symbain 3 to have enough “memory” to multitask or handle the video/audio files? I only see problems and don’t hear anything behind the problems…

          For a pc to mainten a satisfactory performance and behavior, the user has to learn to take care of it, by deleting cached files and unuseful data/files if hard disk is too full,
          and defregament the hard disk etc periodically. For smartphones, it does requires similar skills and
          knowlege as well.

          There might be bug in the new virtual memory implemenation in Symbian 3. But there is no perfect product if you put it into an extream position (or no so common case) where rare/tricky bugs ususally lurk.

          I had an expeience with a Linux machine at work. Some unexpeienced people used /tmp directory (used as swap buffer on Linux) for data storage generated by an automated testing program. This caused the os and programe don’t behave properly when /tmp is full. The point here is you have to use OS/hardware properly to avoid any expected trouble.

          Anyway, I should not use the “abuse” word in the first place in my earlier reply. I am sorry for it.

  24. Ketan says:

    I think now hard reset is the only way to go. I have filled my c7 with just 2 movies- casino royale 720p mkv 1.5gb size and a-team 700mb avi dvdrip, 2 games- asphalt and nfs, only 2 apps installed till now- xplore v1.51 and opera mini for symbian beta, 800 mp3 songs eating 3gb. I really can’t find the fault that’s causing problems. Feeling that i should have bought n8. Never expected c7 to give video playback problems. Sorry alex68 if i sounded bit rude. This video playback issue has given me headache. I’m very much aware of your and dsmobile’s contribution to symbian community. You two have been great source of information.

    • alex68 says:

      I roughly calculated you have used up 5.3G/8G storage, excluding asphalt, nfs, xplore v1.51 and opera mini.

      If you can find a memory card, this is one thing you could try and check if it can have any influence. You can remove something like xplore v1.51 and opera mini (as they are free and you don’t lose anything), and check if there is any change.

      I am a bit busy now and will write my thought about your problem later.

      • alex68 says:

        Ovi apps also use some storage.

        Can you check your memory usage? Click front button -> rnd tools-> memmon. What numbers do you have for free ram and free c drive.

      • alex68 says:

        Multitask is not just about how many tasks you can handle at the same. It is also limited by how heavy the processes (in terms of cpu and memory usage) of the tasks are. For instance, you can multitask many light processes that uses very little memory and cpu while you may feel laggy already with two heavy processes. It is all about the resource usage.

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