@EldarMurtazin says New Symbian^3 Browser delayed until Feb 2011

| November 9, 2010 | 55 Replies

I know a few of you hate any Eldar Murtazin related posts – but regardless of what’s occurred in the past he does still enjoy poking the bull and does come out with, let’s say, “interesting” snippets of insider info.

Just now he’s tweeted that the new up and coming browser is not appearing until February 2011. Wasn’t it expected to appear this side at least in 2010 and around October-ish? I haven’t been following the time scale so I don’t really know if it’s late or if 2011 for the new firmware and new browser was already the due date.

Still, with Symbian features now not necessary coming out in bulk with features (but rather when they’re ready) we may see other enhancements coming much sooner, such as the new swipy-swipy draggable homescreen, possibly the portrait QWERTY (and 3rd party SWYPE support!) and other general bug fixes.

If true it’s a shame that there’s another wait. But that means, Nokia, you frikkin have to deliver. You cannot be late and produce something craptastic. This new browser better be on par with whatever is released.

BTW Eldar of course also says…

“Symbian is dead, thats clear from latest news….No need to put more pressure to the dead OS”

This was in reply to  O_NunoPereira who said

“I find it bit weird that @eldarmurtazin haven’t written anything about latest news on symbian. Does this mean it was a good decision? :D”

Dead OS? Ah…something for Engadget to pick up. Any bad Nokia “news” is great Engadget news. Cue “dying dinosaur”, “go Android”, “Go WP7” and “Nokia Still make phones?” comments.


Update: Apparently Nokia said today that New Symbian^3 Browser delayed until 2011 along with 50+ improvements (tweeted by @chilko – source was SEE2010 keynote)

Thanks to @chilko for the heads up on the source @AAS who are at SEE2010

“50+ enhancements coming to S^3. Portrait QWERTY, new browser, split screen input and more. Arrives early 2011. Fr new and existing devices”


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