Accessories: Wireless Charging with the Powermat for Nokia N97 (and powercube for Nokia N8) – First impressions

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This is a gallery of the new PowerMat wireless charger and the powercube and some first impressions. I received this on Monday thanks to Sam who’s working with

Now there were some details asked in an email but I got an out of office reply for sending it before 9am. :p

  • What is the RRP of this package and all included contents? (Possibly image of the retail packaging) The bigger 3 charger office one is 69.99GBP – RRP [46GBP on Amazon]
  • What is the precise model number (This doesn’t appear on the powermat site as it’s a new product)
  • The powercube (29.99GBP RRP) is very useful with the various included tips. But does it have the 2mm pin?


2 x Mat and powercube (product code PMM-2PA) – £59.99

N97 bundle which would come with receiver and 1X mat – £49.99

The N97 only comes in white at the moment although Powermat are always looking to update their product range

will get back to you on the 2mm pin thing


That’s the powermat above and below.

The underside has four remarkably grippy feet. Put it on a flat surface and it just will not budge. V nice.

This is the power source which plugs into the powermat. There’s the usual two prong connector but awesomely the plug bit has a short connection part (no wiress)

The pack I got was for the N97. You get a BP-4L of identical capacity (1500mAh) to N97 but it is a touch thicker. As such you get supplied another battery cover. I’m not sure if they do other colours but I was sent a white one that didn’t go too well with the black.

The battery contains the wireless charging mechanism that when placed on the mat charges the N97. However, since the battery is charged directly (and not via the phone) you will get no indication your phone is being charged other than the white light on the power mat. The battery is magnetic and sticks to the powermat at certain areas.

Below is an additional accessory called a power cube.  It has a miniUSB around it which can be modified with adapters.

These are the adapters I was sent. No sign of the Nokia Pin chargers. What’s nice is that the device name is printed on them. From all other adapters I’ve used they’re just blank and rely on your memory/recognition as to what’s what.

There’s also a carry case to store a few of these leads (not all will fit). This then magnetizes onto the powercube.

There are various sizes of powermats. This new one charges two devices. I only asked for the N97 and the powercube but you can have completely wireless charging for other devices (phones, cameras, eReaders, handheld consoles etc). Check out

When it charges, you’ll notice a white light at the front corner. A short tune sounds to indicate charging and similarly a reverse of that sound when you take it off the mat (and light goes off)

You might say the powercube defeats the purpose of the whole wireless thing, and I’d agree with you. I do find it useful though in that with limited plugs, I get to charge the N97 AND the N8 or whatever device I might need to charge. iPhone, DS, Camera etc.

Charge times are more or less identical – though I will have to further test this with N97 as mentioned, I cannot detect the battery indicator.

I really wish they’d make one for the N8 though.  It wouldn’t need a battery swap approach as this is compatible with sealed battery loving iPhone. It’s quite nice to just place the device on the mat and it starts to charge. Plus it’s great to just leave it on the mat so you know where it is on your table.

And yes it is properly wireless. I’ve put bluetack on to raise it from the mat and you can see the charge light is on. It’s just gravity and the whole magnet thing sticks the mat and wireless charger together. Any more of a distance and it doesn’t charge. I think the magnets activate it and thus have to be within a certain distance.

Here it is charging the trusty Proporta Turbo Charger (must have when you’re on the move and have a busy day ahead with your device. When not in use or even when in use, plug the proporta to say N8 and let it charge without being on the wall socket). I actually would not be able to charge this at all if it weren’t for powermat as I seem to have misplaced all of my miniUSB cables (all not microUSB – oh the times!)

Just the N8. Possibly a bit odd and an overkill having an intermediate where the plain charger would do.

This is more like it and what it’s actually designed to do. Just pop it on the mat and oh, charging! Neat! Really want a solution for the N8 please powermat! And now is the time as lots of N8 customers to attract.

Now I don’t know whether it’s the N97 or the battery but the battery indicator has been stuck on FULL for 2 days now. 🙁 Admittedly I haven’t used N97 much but still. I’ll find out more on this.

I don’t know the exact price but it does seem that it will be more expensive than your standard Nokia Charger. The wireless aspect works and works really well. It appears to be something an executive would enjoy on their office/home desk. Just leave it plugged in and pop it on the mat whenever you need to charge. What’s great is that sometimes you might just leave your phone on the table – now any time you do this, your phone charges (so many times I forget to plug phones into chargers despite the charger being so close)

Here’s a gallery. There’s some extra photos.


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