Nokia X7 leaked again

| December 7, 2010 | 1 Reply

Oh what do we have here Eldar Murtazin has been leaking pictures of the Nokia X7 and this time in black, he has also promised a preview of the device in due time. Interestingly the X7 also has carrier branding in this case at&t. Find out after the break what Eldar has to say about the device….

First of all Eldar doesn’t like it (what a surprise)

He says it is a gaming oriented device. But the marketing department has failed as this device doesn’t say anything about music considering this is a music device. According to some shaky translation (I though this was a music device, I am confused???  the X series is a music oriented line if I am correct, so what has it got to do with gaming, but then again Nokia do need a gaming oriented device with the iPhone succeeding in that area and the PSP phone coming soon)

He says as it is, it is only a Nokia C7 and offers nothing new if you read between Eldar’s lines.

Now obviously it is too early to judge this device so I am going to reverse my judgement, but I have got to admit that I do like the Industrial look of this device as it is different to other handsets out there.

BTW Eldar has mentioned on twitter that Nokia doesn’t know when Meego will be ready for the market, which is worrying I have got to admit.



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