Nokia N8 For 399USD from Nokia US (with coupon!)

| December 17, 2010 | Reply

Mark Guim reports on the lowest price Nokia N8 so far, and from Nokia themselves (not 3rd party retailer).

If you use the coupon code”noknow2010″ and you’ll get 50USD off the current 449.99 price knocking it down to $399.00. That’s around 256GBP, 301EUR, 18,138INR and 17,679PHP from direct conversion. Not sure what the price is after taxes though (if there is any?).


And shipping is free since this order is over $99.00.

Check it out yourself at Nokia USA website.  Add the Nokia N8 to your basket, type the coupon code, press apply and treat yourself or someone special to a new Nokia N8 this Christmas 😀 (oh the christmas ad speak is engrained in my memory :p)

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  • Janne

    Too bad the shipping seems to be U.S. domestic only…

    • Eero

      Jeps, 399 USD in USA vs 479 euro in Finland 🙁 Not fair…

  • Deaconclgi

    Wow! That is a savings of $145 from what I paid for mines!

  • Hamster

    You guys know how long that code is supposed to last?

    • Eero

      Until the end of this year, hence the 2010 at the end of the code??

  • Edgar

    Hey guys, i was looking for this phone at my local cellphone company but im in mexico unfortunately and that is very expensive here, i went to US nokia webpage and tried to enter the code, but it says that the cupon is incorrect or not valid.
    do you think its becouse im accesing from a Mexico’s IP, do you think i should cross to the us to make this move. ( i live in tijuana so its 20 minutes from here to get to US.)

    i realy want to get this phone God dammit

    • joegami

      Hey Edgar, I live in Tijuana to and the promo code is not working with me. I don’t think it’s a problem with our IP adress because I ordered my N8 like two months ago trough the nokia usa website.


      • EdgarN***

        well, i guess i should wait till another promo code comes out =P

        thanx man

        Saludos !

        • EdgarN***

          man did u ordered you n8 to be shipped to Tijuana?

  • joegami

    It seems the promo code’s not working anymore

    • count

      Called them as it was working this morning but not after 12 EST, they stated after second call back that it was now invaid, no other explainations.

      • joegami

        hmmm what a shame… thanks for the heads up!

  • Claus212

    Too bad, I was ready to pull the trigger for an orange N8 for my wife. But the code isn’t valid any more. Well, I saved $400 by not buying as opposed to $50 using the coupon…

  • yahdmon

    Bummer! I saw it at work and decided to wait till I get home and guess I got screwed. Without a doubt this is the magic number for me — either $299 or $399 but not more. I can get a subsidized phone from my carrier for $199 and I am using that as the psychological reason for getting this phone at that price.

    Hey — did anyone get it at the 399 price?

    Lets hope it is not some game that their sales team is playing to try and drum up interest if so then I have a thing or two to tell them… for one, they should know that this would happen — this is the internet age after. We share information and fast.