Nokia N97 and N97 mini not forgotten. New Firmware PR3.0 and 2.0 in the works!

| December 29, 2010 | 16 Replies

NokiaSaga reports that some major firmware updates are coming for both N97 and N97 mini. Remember them?


Well relatively major. N97 and N97 mini maybe receiving integrated Yahoo! powered Ovi Chat as part of the PR3 and PR2 update.

Hurray, they have not been totally forgotten! Though with the big brother, some (like the team working on it!) might have prefered it to be a distant memory. I’d also like to see some major performance updates. I don’t know how much UI could be improved given the anorexic internals – it struggles as it is with it’s dry, bland navigation.

Qt integration as mentioned?

Cheers Adnan for the heads up!



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  • fahoum

    well…. i sold mine a week ago :S

  • ZAK

    well, when will n8 get its supposedly included ovi chat?

  • Keith

    I think Nokia needs to update the new Symbian family first since they have better hardware and a lot more room for improvement. Besides, Nokia needs to shut those iFans and Fandroids up. Hope they bring the new Qt based UI before March or something.

    • IBZTER

      Well it’s been 6 months since the n97/n97mini got an update and it’s about time nokia started considering their old flagship, all other touch devices have been updated by nokia except the n97 and during these 6 months the nokia bestseller “5800” has been updated twice XD…

  • nocare center

    upgrade to n900@from mini n97, no regret

    nokia need to offer discount for n97 users to upgrade to their new flagship

    • Rant

      I second that, specifically N97 (not Mini) owners should get something like a 100~175 off or so. Nokia can ship those N97’s to various refurb/recycling companies and still recoup some of the discount they gave. Former angru customers now happier and still you customer WIN-WIN if you ask me.

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  • SaDudE

    This is great news even though I have upgraded to the N8. My younger brother took my n97 mini and it will be great when the update is available.

    I just hate how the carriers delay the update. 5800 latest update has been out a few months but still I have yet to see it on my wife’s 5800. The last update came nearly 4-6 months after it was first announced.

    It will be great to see better email and chat on the N97 mini and hopefully they take care of any memory leaks they have or just improve memory management.

    N97 mini was a great phone in my opinion

  • John Wiegand-forson

    It gives confidence to N8 users like me that if they bother to even update the N97 then the N8 will get updates.

  • Tjoohej

    Nokia will allways be behind the other manufacturers. Ever since the scandales so called “Flagship” device, the N97, i will never again buy a Nokia, nor will i recommend a Nokia thanks to their useless support.

    • herp derp

      then, either move on or stfu. Ok? Good.

  • n97 fail!!!

    nokia n97 its a biggest fail nokia phone ever!!!

  • Oleg

    Unfortunately I`ve got N97, it will be my last Nokia purchased EVER. I am sure that this update will be same useless shit without fixing any of countless bugs…
    I checked out C7 at the Nokia reps – same exact shit…
    … fuck you Nokia for making false ads and selling this shit as “flagship” at top price.
    The truth about N97:

  • Techinsane

    Sad thing is that some of us are still struck with the dead beat phone!