Nokia unlikely to ship Windows Phone 7 powered device… because they are too controlling ???

| December 30, 2010 | 15 Replies

An ex Nokia employee has given his voice to Eldar’s and BGR’s ridiculous comments regarding Nokia using Windows Phone 7 in future Nokia phone’s. According to him its not possible and he has written a blog post about it and makes claims that are usually not associated with Nokia, he also says that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t offer any advantages compared to MeeGo or Symbian….

Watts Martin a former Nokia employee in his blog explained that Nokia IS as controlling as Apple  !!! ( I didn’t expect that). He also mentioned on his blog some examples to show Nokia’s controlling nature and other interesting tidbits.

He highlights the fact that Symbian and Meego are both open source but really the only company to contribute anything to it is Nokia.

Qt is a technology by trolltech which is owned by Nokia.

Maps comes from Navteq  which is owned by Nokia.

You can see where is is coming from, he also mentions if you are a supplying important components to Nokia you are likely to be bought out by Nokia or they are likely to create their own solution hence the foursquare application developed by Nokia themselves with blessing by Foursquare themselves.

One encouraging thing he mentioned is that Nokia’s Symbian/Meego strategy is a good one, the only thing that they haven’t figured out though is the user experience and how to crack America which they are apparently taking seriously now.

I encourage you to read the blog post yourself




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