Qt Webkit: Big promise for apps for MeeGo and Symbian

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I’m sure you guys and in fact the general blogosphere is utterly tired of hearing how awesome Qt is, how much more it brings to the table and specifically how it makes for awesome applications without going through the hassle of native code and quirks (looks at Symbian). Truth be told, I’m tired of seeing proof of concept videos and demos and no real end product.However, there’s now way that anyone in their right mind can overlook or downplay just how much more impressive Qt app demos have been than anything previously seen on Nokia’s mobile devices and especially its Symbian based offerings. Hopefully with Qt being preloaded on S^3 devices, the shift of Nokia’s internal development to Qt and WRT and the upcoming MeeGo platform based almost exclusively on Qt we’ll begin to see some of these ideas implemented.


The most recent video we’ve been sent focuses on a Flickr photo and video viewer built using HTML5 elements. What’s important to note with this implementation is the hardware acceleration of both the UI and video elements. Things that are rather important if one wants to create a fluid and immersive experience while being prudent in terms of hardware resource utilization. This and other web-focused and hardware acceleration focused improvements are expected to be seen in Qt 4.7 which we can expect to see pushed to Nokia’s devices in the coming year. (Current devices ship with Qt 4.6.3).

Well here’s the demo. Mind, we’re not sure whether this is running in real-time or not but if coming apps are even 3/5ths of what is demonstrated here, I’m sure the majority of us would be happy. Hopefully devs are hard at work and the lack of apps is due to the lag between SDK release and actual product release.

Thanks Jim



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  • JayMontano

    I don’t think we should ever stop tooting the Qt horn until everyone and their dog is sick of it and loads of apps going to ovi store are in this format.

    BTW, all these game ports from EA/Gameloft, are they rewritten in Symbian or Qt? What with the GPU accelerated Qt webkit stuff and the Opera guys promoting 3d gaming in browsers, why not.

    • Not sure, would have to ask them personally

    • Jim

      games in symbian are not qt based because qt doesn’t support opengl on symbian.(at least for now) . probably it will come in 2011 with the support)

      • Stein

        Actually it does…support open GL ,check latest offerings on 4.7 mobility

        • 4.7 is not yet in any devices…. so the apps are likely there but not released.

  • larryg968

    I also wonder when we’re gonna see all these Qt apps that will finally demonstrate everyting we were promosed….. Nokia…… promises again 🙁

    But i’m definitely excited for what the future holds

  • Zarsky

    Currently working on a Qt-based game, it will hopefully be ready for prime time this spring. 🙂
    Btw. Qt Quick is awesome, super fast building of menus.

  • H3csc
    Qtstore by bongoman, one of the qt project that I see potential. Now I am working on a custom server for it.

  • JFH

    Check this out, soundcloud looking for Qt developers to create stellar Mobile Soundcloud app.

    The apps are coming.

  • Rant

    Just so my info is correct, reakky good apps can only run on devices with Qt 4.7 installed right?
    4.7 brings the real ‘magic’?

    • Qt 4.7 brings a lot of welcome improvements so yes, in all likelihood it’s the “magic” release

  • larryg968

    I have a question and maybe someone more versed in programming could answer.

    If both meego and symbian will be written/ rewritten in Qt, what will be the difference between them. If this is the case wouldnt symbian when upgraded just be a new os and the maturity of symbian would no longer exist ad the much touted battery life advantage no longer exist??

    Can someone explain

    • Rant

      As far as I can explain; the difference is in the core (or Kernel) of the OS. Symbian has it’s own mobile optimized core which naturally has some limitations.
      MeeGo however is based on a Linux core which has far more potential and receives recent updates from the Linux foundation thus keeping it uptodate with modern hardware.

      Basically it means that MeeGo can be far more powerfull because of a more robust core than Symbian.

      I probably left a lot out, but I’ll leave that to the more seasoned software guys.

    • Stein

      Actually a Meego pre -release version is available for mobile, netbook, AVR etc

      Check it out

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