Ovi Suite 3.0 out of Beta

| January 2, 2011 | 10 Replies

In the upheaval that was our move to self-hosting and the associated problems we missed a few days of news and happenings, of note was the news that Ovi Suite 3.0, the desktop syncing, messaging and firmware update client for Nokia’s devices had moved out of Beta and into a full release.

Opening the Ovi Suite client that I had, version 2.2, I clicked the update feature and waited for what felt like an eternity while the ~100Mb installation file downloaded followed by what seemed like an eternity while the application installed. In essence, what should have been a simple update was a lesson in patience and how best to handle frustration. Added to the length of time the entire process took, the installation gave no indication of how much progress had been made in the installation. Seriously, dropped points Nokia. In terms of changes to the actual client, they were/are minimal but not entirely useless included slight changes to music interaction and Ovi Store suggestions right on the home page. Nothing ground-breaking but nothing particularly unwelcome.

Some changes we’d like to see implemented:

  1. Integrate with Ovi Calendar thus increasing the likelihood of using the client for PIM functions. This in turn should increase the utilization of the services you already provide.
  2. Advertise your services like the never-mention Ovi Contacts which is a lot like BBM for Nokia devices.
  3. Improve installation experience, seriously frustrating!
  4. Better integration with web services like Ovi Store, should not need to leave the client in order to use ANY of your services.

Download link available at the “via” link below




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