Video: Musician and his guitar take on the Nokia Loop App

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The Nokia Loop App that’s free for the N8 and C7 isn’t just for recording odd random sounds to pool into a track, you can also make actual music with actual instruments! (Yeah, let’s not get into the debate of what music is, you know what I mean :p)

chrismcrowe has taken his N8, downloaded the app from the Ovi Store and played along with his guitar. It’s just him, his N8 and the loop app producing this music. Being of Nseries grade, the sound recording is of course fantastic, and Chris says “I was amazed at the sound quality I got with it”


Using a cool application for my Nokia N8 called “Loop”. You can play in an 8 bar melody then it will loop it allowing you to play over the top, similar to the Boss Loopstation on my other video. I managed to use my foot to press the loop button, and use the mixer to delete tracks and play new ones. It’s a really cool application and I was amazed at the sound quality I got with it. I used a zoom acoustic pedal to put reverb on, and the phone itself to record it.

Check out this post on how to use Nokia Loop

I’d love to see more stuff like this in action. Hear even. Have you played around with the Nokia Loop App yet?


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  • Keith

    One word: AMAZING. I definitely see alot more apps coming for these phones in future. And even more and better quality apps after MeeGo is released. Really looking forward to it.

    On a side note, Moto has done the unbelievable with the Atrix 4G. Not sure how Nokia can come up with a phone to beat that. I mean, this thing blows my mind! I’m extremely surprised to see this from Motorola. I would’ve expected HTC or Samsung to do this first. Hope N9 is awesome too

    • Jay Montano

      Yeah, the Atrix is way too impressive.

      Battery 😮 1920mAh 😮
      Dual core – good for marketing – though should have some boost – dunno how optimized android is for dual core and not being GPU accelerated.
      The Dock Thing – very impressive. Bit fiddly with the big screen dock but still nice. Liking the interface change, like the Media Centre thing yesterday – changing to the actual need of the device interaction.

      The smartphone market is now about PUSHING BOUNDARIES, not just putting out something substandard because it is enough. I don’t care if that’s just enough, I don’t want just enough, I want something that exceeds my requirements should the eventuality ever come that I’d require that power. This often realises itself as the device ages as future applications/update require more power.

      I am curious as to what Apple and Jobs will do to draw attention away from these superAndroids.
      Similarly, I am concerned with what Nokia will bring whilst they are (as we all feel but may not be true) dawdling around. Folks who have apparently seen N9 said they aren’t worried.

      Props to the previous world number 1.

      • Keith

        Yes, battery is HUGE on that thing. But then again, Android does need that much of a battery to survive more than a day. And unless Motorola has tweaked the SW, I don’t think Froyo would utilize dual-core processor and GPU. A Gingerbread/Honeycomb update might make use of it though. And the Media Centre was actually very impressive too. I guess the Big Screen app for N8/E7 is kind of the same though….

        I agree on having more than enough. Coz smartphones are gonna evolve extremely fast and things like the Atrix would prolly still survive after 6-12 months of it’s release coz of the crazy specs/features.

        Oh don’t worry about Apple. They’ll have 2 features on the iPhone 5 that no other phone has and then Steve Jobs knows how to brag about them. Apple is simply awesome at marketing their products. 3GS would never been a hit if Jobs didn’t make do the marketing properly. It plays a significant role in any company’s success.

        As for the N9, I dunno. The specs MIGHT not match with with some of these super-phones (that’s what nVidia’s calling them now). It could have more to do with the features that MeeGo has to offer combined with some hardware features (HDMI-Out, USB OTG, etc,…..)

        And as for the screen, Nokia better bump the resolution to 1280×720 on the N9 and newer MeeGo phones. Everyone is leaning towards the high-res display craze now. I don’t see why Nokia should stay behind in this area. And also, have like a Clear Black Diplay 2. Samsung came out with their S-AMOLED Plus display. It’s brighter, more efficient, has better readability in sunlight and has more contrast…..

    • Nokia partners have already been showing off dual core chips coming to Symbian and MeeGo phones in 2011 so I’m not really that impressed by what I’ve seen thus far at CES.

      ” The U8500 is the first mobile platform with full High-Definition 1080 progressive-scan camcorder capabilities. With its combination of a dual-core SMP processor and a high-end 3D graphics accelerator, the U8500 enables a full web-browsing experience for next-generation smartphones.

      * Full HD 1080p camcorder, multiple codecs supported
      (H264 HP, VC-1, MPEG-4)
      * High-resolution, touchscreen display support up to XGA (1024*768)
      * Simultaneous dual display support
      * High performance 3D graphics, support for
      OpenVG 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0
      * Dual camera support with Integrated ISP 18 Mpixel and 5 Mpixel
      * Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS enabled platform
      * Built-in USB 2.0, HDMI out
      * Support for multiple operating systems, Symbian, Android
      and Linux-based platforms
      * Optional support for mobile TV standards


      * Highly efficient, low-power ARM dual Cortex™- A9 processor
      * Dual multimedia DSP for low-power, flexible media processing
      * High-bandwidth LP-DDR2 interface
      * ARM Mali™ 400 GPU and NEON®CPU extensions
      * State-of-the-art HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) Release 7 modem
      * Unique audio architecture with a wide range of audio codecs supported
      * Advanced power saving architecture enabling class-leading audio and video playback times

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