An Insight into the leaked music-centric Nokia X7

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If i have the count right, it is two times that this phone has been leaked and how !
First time it played NFS shift, the next time in the hands of our great Eldar Murtazin, yes i am talking about the yet-to-be-announced Nokia X7.I am Hoping we can see it in MWC 2011?

What we have to notice in both these leaks, are the loudspeakers(see those 4 grills on the sides ?) since it is going to be a music centric device.It was initially rumoured to have four speakers, but numerous sources said it has only two speakers, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Not so long back, I came across this very interesting tweet from a Spanish Nokia employee which read :

” @addiermedina: #Nokia #X7-00 Bocinas con Neodimio Nd2Fe14B incrementaran el sonido en 135% comparado con #X6 “

If you want a quick rough translation , it says that the X7 has Neodymium speakers and it has a sound advantage of 135% comparing the old X6, which we know, has one of the loudest and clear mobile phone speakers, right? Lets come to the interesting part: Neodymium.

After I saw that tweet, I wanted to know: what’s so special in Neodymium? Googled it, did some research and hence my findings :

Neodymium is actually a rare earth metal used for making magnets. It is very lightweight and is used in making high performance car speakers/sub-woofers. Ideal for mobile phones due to light weight. Normally speakers are usually made of Iron Ferrite magnets which are supposedly heavy and performance not too great. Final words, the advantages of using neodymium are great performance in a light package.

Use all the adjectives you want , loud, clear,… etc you can call it awesome even.

Why am I excited about this? As a music enthusiast, I have always dreamt of great speakers on a mobile phone. Actually in our part of the world, its quite a trend, people actually show off their phone’s loudspeaker capabilities 😀

Now, my rant :

Nokia always seems to silently slip hardware like these into their phones, for ex : the NFC and more recently the HD voice capability (corresponds to the MEMS mic chipset ). Why don’t these get a mention when the phone’s actually releasing? Even this Neodymium stuff, though sounds too geeky, won’t probably get publicized. But Apple, one fine day, will come up with exactly the same stuff by giving it a marketing term like “cochlear speakers” and they will actually make people talk about it. My point is, Nokia should start publicizing their strengths, that’s it.

So Guys, tell me. Do you think this kind of feature (which is purely speculative and not 100 % proven) is important enough to be publicized in a music centric device?


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