Nokia? How do you spell it?

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Day 1:

So here I was, live at CES in Las Vegas!  Was so glad to get the bloggers badge in the morning. This is the greatest tech show on the planet, so many companies unveiling their products! However, first thing I was looking for Nokia booths, and it took me 1,5 hours just to realise they don’t have a big one, just a small Qt booth with AT&T.

I was asking the CES staff where to find Nokia, and they were like,’

“Nokia? How do you spell it?”

I was like “Really? No one knows the largest mobile manufacturer in the world?”

I ended up showing them my Nokia so that they could see how it is spelled!!

Anyway, later on people told me this year Nokia didn’t do any big booths, like Motorola or Microsoft or Intel. I did go to their meeting room, and saw a woman having a green Nokia N8. I think this is definitely big mistake of Nokia. Being here in the US and not promoting itself on such a big tech event? Maybe we’ll see it next year when MeeGo is going to be finally out?

Day 2:

Today I finally found a booth of Nokia, but they didn’t let me in, saying it’s for developers familiar with Qt only. They weren’t nice. I saw couple other people using N8s, but overall Nokia doesn’t have really good image here at CES. Not everyone even knows that such a company exists.

I stopped by Intel booth and there was a MeeGo section, they were showing off MeTab tablet, and talking about MeeGo OS in general, emphasizing that its much better than Android, and its openness. They had Atom-based netbook with MeeGo 1.1. They said all Intel’s AppUp apps will work on MeeGo. Overall they were all very optimistic about MeeGo, so let’s see what’s Nokia is cooking up right now, maybe that’s why they didn’t have a proper booth this year.

I checked out other cool phones from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, etc, but almost all of them are tied to the Big Four carriers here in the USA, which is not useful for people who like unlocked phones, switching SIM cards often.

At the Gorilla Glass both they had Nokia N8 as one of the examples where Gorilla Glass is used, along with other phones, notebook displays and TV panels.

What interested you about this year’s CES? Fingers crossed for MWC and something interesting from Nokia.

MeeGo netbook - very high res


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