Video and Gallery: Nokia C3-01 Unboxing

| January 7, 2011 | 14 Replies

We’ve got an unboxing video and gallery of the Nokia C3-01 touch and type for you. Photos by Nokia N8, though not full sized to reduce load times. (They’ve been compressed and watermarked to 1600×899). To see larger photos, click on them from the gallery view.

Similar to the Nokia X3-02 previously unboxed It’s a very solid, metal build touch and type hybrid phone. It’s around £112 on pay as you go here in the UK. Cheers WOMWorld and Nokia for the review unit.

Videos and more pics below:

Underneath the phone

Total package:

  • Nokia C3-01
  • Charger
  • Battery (BL-5CT) 1050mAh (X3-02 has 860mAh)
  • white headset with clip and a big rubber button
  • Manual
  • High quality metal build

All around:

Check out the gallery for the handset images from various angles.

Very good speakers at the back. 5MP camera with LED flash included.

MicroUSB port, 3.5mm jack and 2mm pin charger


Nothing at the bottom

Nothing on the left

Camera button (not in X3-02) lock button and volume buttons

Very slim


Some comparison shots with the other touch and type, Nokia X3-02 and the now behemoth N900


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  • Ayroth

    Come on nokia ! we want some dual core tegra phones !

    • No we don’t. This is an entry level basic phones. It is not meant to be a smartphone. It does what it was designed to do very well. It also probably costs 1/10th the price of a Tegra2 phone.

    • just dont think that higer ram and cpu will result in best performance we have seen lagging in htc hd,galaxy and benchmark result which even at 680mhz n8 beat these phones by 75%.its all about how synchronise os with hardware and i believe only nokia know how to do that.
      Dual core phones will be release in nokia world in september.
      For ur information nokia has used dual cpu in n95,n95 8gb,n82 and e90.just go to and then click device and smartphones .

  • K Pandurangan

    Is it possible to get wifi-tethering in this C3-01 model? If so, how? Thanks in Advance.

  • Carol

    Has anyone else had difficulty removing the back cover of their C3-01? I’ve just received (via an unlocked C3-01, and despite following your excellent youtube unboxing video, and the manual instructions, cannot get the bloody back cover off!

    • Sarah

      After an hour and a half of futile googling, spraining my thumb and cursing Nokia for making such a stupid phone. I put a pair of rubber gloves on for extra friction and that did the trick.

      • Beth

        Very glad to find hubby and I weren’t the only ones struggling with this – what a rubbish phone. I ended up using a tiny key – the sort that comes with cheap suitcases, small padlocks, little girls’ lockable diaries. On the top there is a tiny gap next to the headphone jack. I used the key to prise the back off. Not the best way but it worked. Well done Nokia!! My last Nokia phone was also a nightmare for getting the back cover off – used to drop it on the floor to make it happen.

      • Kerry

        The rubber glove trick worked a treat, thanks – top tip! 🙂

        • Tony Watts

          The rubber glove worked! My sanity is intact tanks to this website. Why can’t they include that in the instruction manual? Better still, why not have a phone that opens easily? Small wonder Nokia are losing ground to their rivals.

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  • Grrrr, i should have waited for the C3-01, i got the C3-00 with the crappy Qwerty interface.

  • Ian

    Would be a good marketing strategy to give away free rubber gloves with the Nokia C3-01. Bizarre, but absolutely true!!! 30 minutes of swearing resolved in 10 secs wearing rubber gloves!!!!
    Well done Sarah for suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia

    I have had a bog standard Nokia for about 10 years that finally seemed to be on the way out so I replaced it with a Nokia C3-01. What a pile of garbage. Admittedly I live in a poor area for receiption but even now I can get a signal on the old phone if I am near a window or in the street but with the new one I have to go EIGHT MILES before I can make or receive a call. I have had the SIM card replaced, spent hours on the phone to my provider to no avail. The one bright spot is that now I have a bew SIM card the old phone does work so as I can only use the new one to take pictures or as an alarm clock I shall dump it. No wonder Nokia is in trouble producing this sort of junk.

  • Syed Rizwan Mehdi

    iam facing a problem in my c3-01.
    my mobile keypad and touch screen is hanging again and again, i always restored to solve this problem what could i do?