T-Mobile Retracts new 500mb Data Cap for Existing customers! Wooohoo!

| January 13, 2011 | 3 Replies

ah, the usefulness of threaded messaging.

On Monday, I got a text from T-Mobile saying that my data allowances next month would be capped to 500mb! WTF!?!

I didn’t post about it here but I did rant a little on twitter. To be fair to T-Mob, they were just towing the line with the “fair usage” limit of other networks, but one of the main reasons I enjoyed being on T-Mobile (and I suspect for others too) was that they didn’t have to worry so much when using T-Mobile Internet.

Oddly whilst reading up about the backlash from customers, I receive a text retracting the change, at least if you’re an EXISTING customer. I don’t know what that means about upgrades as you’re technically not a “new” customer:

“We recently sent you a text saying your internet on your phone fair use poly amount would be changing. After listening to customer feedback, existing customers will no longer be affected by this change and your fair use policy will say as is”

So what is T-Mobile’s current limit now for existing customers? 1GB?. Customer service folk at the start of my contract told me in reality it’s 4GB but they aren’t allowed to say that. Chatting with Dan Carter (from WorldOfNokia), he said there are booster packs available, for £5 you get 3GB and £15 gives 10GB. Hmm I would rather real unlimited :p. Not that I could experience much download in my signal-free flat.

Update from Dan in the comments:

If you join before 1st Feb you get 1GB on normal Internet Booster and 3GB when taking an Android Phone.

Anyone who upgrades after the 1st Feb or takes out a new connection will get 500MB.

So anyone is due an upgrade now and wants to get the better deal…. GET IN QUICK!

Extra Data loving from Androids…I’m sure I can consume much more with Maemo or Symbian :p.


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