E7 spotted in retail housing – unboxed for our viewing pleasure.

| January 23, 2011 | 23 Replies

Hot on the heels of Friday’s rumors of the E7 being delayed until Q2, twitter has just brought us an unboxing of the “delayed” E7. A quick run through of the contents of the box and a couple seconds of us being shown the boot screen and the start of the set-up wizard which runs on the first boot of the device. Hopefully this is a sign that the E7 is very much on it’s way and not delayed as has been rumoured.


Also included is a comparison with the last great communicator, the E90.

Not much in the way of detailed content but refreshing to see nonetheless. Note the landscape dialer at 00:25


Via Youtube


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  • Arts.

    in the comments section of the video, the uploader said he got it from Is this like some kind of developer thing?

    Hope somebody can confirm.

    • ICEman

      yup, FN sends it to it’s “champions” as a free device for testing their software. They can choose what device to get

  • nocare

    e7 is a failure, screwed up by nokia

    • This is based on what knowledge??

      • Mark

        None at all I would imagine.

    • J.Gray

      Haters gonna hate.

  • N8 Fanboy


  • alex68

    E7 has a set of features from Symbian that N9 as a Meego phone won\t have. But of course N9/Meego also has very unique features that E7 doesn’t have either nor do competitors from rivalry phone vendors…

    E7 and N9 are not direct competitors, in my opinion. But NOKIA should really hurry up to release E7 to markets soon.

    • A certain Eldar says it’s cancelled LOL

      • alex68

        Eldar is really a clueless idiot. We have recently seen many evidences. Time will tell, hopefully VERY soon, this idiot FAILS once more again!

        • Arts.

          is that a hint? =D

          • alex68

            How come N9 hardware will change or is cancelled just a couple of months before it is going to markets…

  • It is nice ,tempting to get one E7 soon !.

  • Mark

    Interesting. If they’re releasing boxes it suggests that the hardware is fine and it’s a software (i.e. PR2.0) issue.

    As an aside, isn’t it strange how the majority of the anti Nokia FUD seems to be released just prior to the quarterly results?

    • HangLoose

      whatever happened to the stylish colour-less boxes from Nokia.

      I dont particularly like this “new design”.

  • Average Joe

    I think a great feature for a business-oriented phone would be the ability to open and (basically) edit Office documents out-of-the-box.

    IIRC Nokia is sponsoring the KOffice/Calligra guys to develop a mobile version of their promising office suite, which is already Qt-based, but not yet production-ready.

    I think out-of-the-box experience is important, especially in the “business” segment, where I suppose people have high expectations but are not tech-savvy, and would really appreciate a phone that lets them work straight away without installing dozens of “apps” to get basic functionality.

    • Duncan

      I hope it comes with a better version of Quick Office, the current one is an embarrassment.

      • alex68

        Yes, I can basically assure the office is an out-of-the-box experience. There is a reason for it taking Nokia extra time to deliver it to the markets…

        • Duncan

          So, can I expect an update or upgrade to the woeful Quick Office and Adobe Viewer on my N8 or is this an E7 only update?

    • Guest

      Interesting. Hope N8 users can at least buy it. QuickOffice is an ordinary software.

  • J.Gray

    That’s the SEA version!

  • IMarius

    on the 2nd video with the e90, man the colours on the E7 screen , look even better then i remember clear back is something else which my n8 had clear back, oh well better have it on the N9

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