Video: Nokia E7 and Social App (Oh – E7 in Q2?) Rant.

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Here’s a promo video for the Nokia E7 and the Social App from NokiaHomebase.It’s another spontaneous rant post, sorry:

I don’t remember the social app ever working this smoothly. Even so, is this really the best we can come up with for an OFFICIAL Nokia twitter/facebook client?

Look who’s also featured in the app, it’s Rita El Khoury, aka dotsisx from Symbian-Guru. Nokia do this now and again featuring prominent Nokia online personalities.

It’s interesting that for the thumbnail, the client has obviously messed up and reused the contact for Ann Hendricks, unless this is meant to be the retweet function? I can’t recall. The app was so frustrating, I uninstalled it from N8. Seriously, Nokia, the social app is piss poor. Here’s a rant back in November.

Is it really a social app or an Anger Management app to see how far this frustrating little app can push you until you uninstall it?

BTW, I just saw Rita Tweet to her post and she’s quite annoyed that

So when you take my tweet, my link, my name, and put the image of a blond European-looking woman next to it, you’re forging the identity and the force that is me, and you’re making me believe that you are ASHAMED of my Lebanese and Arab roots.

Hopefully, like I’ve mentioned I hope it’s just a mistake on the thumbnail part. Obviously possible since I suspect the folks who make these apps/designs promo videos neither uses Twitter or facebook to realise how the site actually functions or looks. No I’m not being overly harsh. It’s not like they’re the two biggest social networks on the planet, or the fact that you’ve had the opportunity to fix it since the N97, OR the fact that there are examples of how this should work from the competition. Oh wait….


E7 Q2 (April-June 2011)

Oh one more thing.  Some news spreading around that folks might have to wait till Q2 for it (see theinquirer) – heads up from @bensmithuk and @markguim from thenokiablog. How far back? As far as June! Much further than the previous Q2 warnings from Dan Carter that E7 might be appearing as late as April on Three UK. Ahahaha, what? *shakes head*. That’s not Early 2011 at all. As Mark says, the E7 was pushed back from December to “early 2011” in order to  “ensure the best possible user experience”.

Isn’t that what they did with the N8? I grossly underestimate the effort it takes to do all this work at Symbian, but it feels like there a one armed guy with only one finger furiously trying to get Symbian sorted all by himself.

Now, I know it’s better to wait for all the bugs to be ironed out and have some more great new features, but there reaches a point where you’ve taken so long, nobody gives a damn what on earth you’ve accomplished.  You’ve made the fastest horse drawn carriage whilst everyone is driving cars.

To justify such a delay, it has to produce something quite significant.(e.g. I am less apprehensive about waiting for MeeGo since it MUST deliver no less than an extraordinary experience – I am not so certain what Symbian aims to deliver)

Nokia’s Symbian^3 experience isn’t producing the desired response across the pond where folks are used to the glitz and glamour of iPhone and Android. Apple happy WSJ still says it looks outdated and cumbersome. Big Blogs Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch don’t have much love for anything Symbian (or Nokia in general). When Symbian^3 was unleashed with N8, too many similarities in the UI to S^1 gave these folks a bad taste (though many more hating on Symbian who have never actually used it).

C6-01 and C7 had slightly less expectations being priced less than the camera king, N8. They fit the bill more for lower-mid range phones.

However, the E7 is classed above the N8 in terms of price and so equally high expectations. Would it have been smart to leave it open to the same bashing it would inevitably have received were it to simply have “the same Symbian^3 experience of the N8”? (PS the only thing I really hate is the browser). Or better waiting for what should be PR2.0 and the 50+ updates? I don’t know how significant the update really is to warrant such a delay. That’s of course if there is one. Pre-orders available at Nokia Finland still give a HELMIKUU 2011/February 2011 release date.

update: I was going through the tips section (sorry I can’t get to them all) and noticed this one from fahoum which says the E7 is due in Jordan in March, with the understanding that Jordan usually gets Nokia phones before everywhere else.


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  • pradeep

    so its not comin in feb ?

  • MistyMoonBeams

    Thats not a rant, thats the facts! I had an N97 (original fat model) and to be honest I bought an N900 because of the “Out of Memory” errors I kept getting with the N97.

    I tried the N8 a month back, and as much as I would like to say I like it… I can’t, as its way too similar to the N97’s GUI. The last time I enjoyed using Symbian was with my Psion Series 5 mx, and that was when I was 16!

  • Don

    “Oh one more thing. Some news spreading around that folks might have to wait till Q2 for it (see theinquirer) – heads up from @bensmithuk and @markguim from thenokiablog. How far back? As far as June! ”

    What ?? “Some news spreading around” ? You do realize MyNokiaBlog is right up there with taking random tweets with random rumours and publishing speculative stories around them, right ? bensmithuk and markguim are great guys, but not official Nokia spokespeople.

    It’s not Nokia’s fault (nor should they have to waste a lot of resources on it) if everybody keeps up coming up with rumors and pulls things out of the air, one idiot can tweet something and the whole blogosphere goes crazy.

    Of course this site would be very boring if restricted to official Nokia news, so rumors are fun, but it’s completely your own fault if you trust in some rumor which then turns out to be false.

    Agree with the Social rant though.

    • Cocco Bill

      I agree with Don. Rumours are rumours, not facts.

  • thebrain

    e7 is too late this is the age of dual core phones

    n8 barley made through 2010 and symbian 4 is good fro n8 because symbian 4 ui is still not that old but e7 should have meego because its finished and since e7 snt released

    • Guest

      If non dual core is late, then a lots of phones is late. MeeGo is not yet finished for phones.

    • Dr.Tek

      You need to learn how to type or use spell check.

  • Viipottaja

    Haha, Rita.. calm down.

  • Nrde

    Social is not currently native but WRT and will get a big boost with the new browser and updated web engine. So assuming it will always be as bad it was when it first appeared on N8 is like being overly pessimistic.

    I also understand Rita, and Nokia/the individuals/media office who made this should look in the mirror.

  • Shailen

    Who will buy e7??Old hardware faulty os..Go for meego…

    • Dr.Tek

      I currently have the N8, and have no issues with it. I AM waiting for the N9 announcement in less than a month. THAT will be the phone to have!

    • Keith

      I actually agree. E7 is supposedly releasing during MWC and if the rumors are correct, N9 will be announced at MWC and released by April. If that is the case, most people will ignore the E7 and go for the N9 itself.

      Either Nokia should just not release the E7 (which is a really bad option) or just bump up the specs to match current standards and release that with PR 2.0

      • Cocco Bill

        I have really hard time believing N9 will come before summer. What I’ve heard is that the software is not ready enough.

  • jim

    look at those giant top and bottom bars on social using up tonnes of screen and offering almost no functionality. Nokia seriously needs a ui to match the hardware

  • Rudeboi

    My understanding of them pulling the E7 back was due to hardware issues and glitches in the software. To say rather this phone will have a better processor or not is still unknown. I think Nokia should keep quite about their upcoming products until they are ready. As for now I will stick with my N900 which to me is still the ultimate device hands down.

  • Doug

    Nokia needs to suck up their pride and lose the Social app and have Facebook do their own like they do for Android and iOS, and have them add in the calendar API so we can add facebook events to our phone calendar. That’s the only good feature of Social. It’s a total mess in every other respect.

  • nocare

    put meego in it

    then it sells

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  • Kevin

    Wait… Soo the E7 is not out yet?? :/

    I saw one yesterday at a birthday party (here in the UK- London to be precise)… I wondered why the guy didn’t take sticker at the back (the one with IMEI nd barcodes) off.

    It looked really good actually… Very similar to the N8.. I initially thought it was an N8 but then i saw the guy with the keyboard out…

  • coward

    E7s have already been handed out to selected developers in retail packaging. During my career I’ve seen a lot of devices that have been working much worse a month before release. Having used it myself, I’d be very surprised if it wouldn’t be available for consumers very soon. Don’t believe every tweet attention hungry bloggers make.

  • Ben

    February 16th according to some sources. I ordered a bunch of them for my company because the N8 is so great and it’s getting better all the time.

  • Zef

    Looking at the tweet… Is it the Dotsix from the dead site symbian-guru ? I thought they where both moving to the Android operating system, stating that Symbian was dead.
    No one told her that the N8 work under Symbian ? Ah, too bad 🙂

    Cant wait to put my fingers on this seven wonder…