Video: Kate flies AR Drone with N900 at MeeGo Finland meetup

| January 24, 2011 | 9 Replies

Exactly one month ago we wrote about Kate Alhola and her awesome N900/MeeGo/AR-Drone project.

Last week, for the MeeGo Finland meeting, Kate flew her AR-Drone again using the N900 as part of her presentation.

The quadrocopter is fitted with a camera, the images of which are fed back live to the phone (which is seen on the projector via N900’s TV out). The interface was designed by Kate using Qt and she says being an engineer, it’s designed for an engineer (prettier things would require, as in every other case, a UI designer)

It’s ridiculously cool.

from the last post:

Links: how  to make modern mobile applications with qt quick components

  • Kate notes how easy it is to make MeeGo versions of iPhone apps. The original AR drone Freeflight was made for iPhone. Qt Quick UI done in a day or two. UI created by engineer so looks like engineers tool and to make it good needs UI designers. This is a universal truth whether it’s for iPhone, Android or MeeGo (unless your engineer is also a great UI designer).
  • C++ code integration to QML took less than a days work.
  • Harmattan/Maemo 6 became MeeGo after merging with Moblin. Maemo and Moblin result was NOT imcompatible to what Maemo 6 was.
  • Without changing a line of code,  Kate had compiled and run the same app in N900 with Maemo 5, MeeGo base device (first I’ve heard of this – A Nokia MeeGo base device, unless that’s also N900) and Ubuntu Lucid on Desktop.
  • “as application developers you should be happy that we can provide now best application development platform where your imagination is only limit in UI creation.”

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