Nokia holding event on February 13th in Barcelona

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Adnan just tipped us that Nokia is holding an invitation-only event at Mobile World Congress on the 13th of February, which happens to be the Sunday before MWC officially kicks off. This in addition to the event scheduled for the 11th that Stephen Elop mentioned in his comments on Nokia’s Q4 earnings call indicate that  Nokia has a lot to say/show us in the coming weeks.

Possible Announcement?

Having done some late night snooping, a commenter on the mobile-review forums left a link to some work being done with the camera drivers for  the iCDK MeeGo reference design . A very interesting bug mentioned is a discrepancy between the image processor and the  camera sensor output. The camera sensor mentioned has a maximum resolution of 4416*3312 pixels or 14.6 megapixels. Further searching highlights both 720p and 1080p video encoding and decoding on an Intel Medfield SOC. There’s no information that I could find about the specific manufacturer of the sensor but a bit of looking around highlights OmniVision’s 14.6 Megapixel sensor as having the exact resolution an similar capabilities as the sensor mentioned in this report.  The sensor uses “backside illumination technology” to provide comparable performance to sensors using larger pixel sizes in a smaller package. (individual pixel size in this sensor is 1.4 microns on a sensor of size 1/2.33″” as opposed to ~1.75 microns in both the N8 and iPhone 4).


What’s even more intriguing is the fact that there is little to no information outside of these bug reports and logs that characterizes the capabilities of Intel’s SOC. Even searching for information on the GPU and image processors on the SOC have proven fruitless. What we DO know is that any GPU will be based on a similar architecture to the PowerVR series of GPU’s found in the iPhone, iPad and Sony’s recently announced NGP.

Let’s hope Nokia’s announcements in the coming weeks aren’t a total waste of time and energy eh! 🙂


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  • s4meego

    Nice! Maybe alex68 who know so much can give us a hint? Will nokia annouce anything interesting at mwc?

  • Eero

    Sounds promising… Lets hope they’ll announce some MeeGo stuff 😀 Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Guest

    Nokia Symbian Blog tell us what we can expect from MWC:

    “Se you at Mobile World Congress”

  • This 14MP number could be realist considering that challengers are now arriving and toping the current N8 12MP number. Altek Leo (now known as Aigo A8) with 14MP, Panasonic Lumix phone with 13MP, … Nokia may want to lead the MP race, even if it doesn’t mean that picture quality will really benefit from it… We’ll see.

    • Eero

      I doubt that would be their reason to raise the camera´s megapixels, more like proving their claim that cameraphones will one make digicams obsolete. Or perhaps they´ve fitted the N9 with an even bigger/better camera modul than the N8.

      • If OmniVision sensor use is true, therefore the module will be smaller (as stated in the post 1/2,33″). That’s why I was speaking about this race.

        Until we have any test of this future hardware, personaly I would prefer them to stick with the N8 camera module or better to keep one this size (1/1,83″) but reduce the MP and get a bigger pixel size.

  • N8fanboy

    Nokia needs to come out with more models faster. This is the only way to bat the barrage of Android devices shipping rigt now. More Nokias in phone shops = more sales.

    • Hary

      Not a good logic. Else iphone or Blackberry would have failed.

      Nokia knows it doesn’t work that way. 🙂

    • outdated os

      didn’t they state last year that they will reduce the number of models released?

      Less models = better support, if i’m not mistaken.

    • marc

      i agree with you. why dont nokia make smaller versions of the n8 like a mini maybe with smaller memory ect. like samsung making multiple versions of their galaxy s. nokia n8 with a qwerty? E7 without a qwerty? and name it n8-01 and e7-01 or whatever but definitly needs to have more phones

      • Eero

        N8 with a hw qwerty would be my dreamphone 😛

      • Guest

        Nokia C6-01 is a sort of N8 mini. Except N8’s camera and HDMI.

        • Eero

          Give me C6-01 with hdmi and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat 😀 I don’t care about the screen size as long as I can plug it into my 24 inch pc-screen/tv via hdmi.

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  • ahsan

    i did mail you about this post a while back , guess ill paste it hear

    “This specs list is based on bug reports, IRC logs, mailing lists, and test results gathered from PUBLIC places, so you can go verify it yourself, and add to the knowledge. We don’t need any industry insiders or secret sources

    You can debate the fact that these “reference devices” for MeeGo are not actual N9 prototypes, but surely you can agree that if Nokia intends to be releasing an N9 anytime soon, they must at least base the thing on some sort of prototype, and there is no reason the reference device cannot be the N9, just look at the Nexus S.

    The device we are interested in is code named nCDK
    There is another one called iCDK
    If I had to guess I’d say it stands for Nokia / Intel customer device kit, but it doesn’t make much sense to me because we also know the ‘n’ device is private, and the ‘i’ one is public. Ref
    Probably this means a developer outside of nokia can get the iCDK hardware if they know who to ask, meanwhile the nCDK is the real N9 prototype. You will see nCDK has a version, EB# (engineering beta?) 1-3. This means they are changing the board and whatever else to try and get all the hardware working perfectly and at the correct specs. You also might see a revision for iCDK ES# (engineering sample). These are fairly new devices, only started testing them around Dec 1.
    Hopefully that is enough to convince you that the nCDK specs are “interesting”, here they are from what we found so far:

    CPU: 1.6Ghz max speed. ATOM based but this is 3rd generation “medfield”. You can see where we found the CPU speed here. This 1.6Ghz is likely the turbo mode. The CPU should also have hyperthreading but I don’t think real multicore. It’s still going to be way faster than anything else, go read about the platform and how fast and efficient it should be at the general links I put at the bottom. We also know that it’s a Medfield device, and not just that the code happens to be compatible. Remember, they are working with Intel on this stuff and have access to pre-release silicon, and Intel is betting big on this too. They want ALL smartphones running their CPUs, eventually.
    1) kernel-adaptation-medfield package shows up on these prototypes, but not the n900.
    2) They call it the Medfield nCDK in several places. (or MFLD nCDK) (just search for more here)

    Some people were trying to say that this might be a tablet. Well, first of all, it can make phone calls and do SMS, or I don’t think it would be passing those results in the testing. Nor would they refer to it as a handset.

    We can calculate the screen size to be approx. the same as n900 — 1.8″ by 3.4″. Resolution is 864×480. PPI is pixels per inch so hopefully it’s as easy as it looks to figure out. Source.

    You can also see that it has a keyboard from that file. The 270 means the display rotates 3 times 90 degrees when you open it.

    Video/3D is going to be some sort of GMA600 based architecture. It should offer great performance but it seems to be closed source It has HDMI support, but no way to guess if they will put the port on a phone.

    Now, if you want to try and find some more interesting stuff, here is where I suggest to search:
    mailing lists:….com/info.html
    some easy to search ones here
    full list here but cannot search

    MeeGo Source
    I don’t know how to search this properly, I suggest use google (example)

    These are just general articles on the Moorestown and Medfield platforms. Since there never were any Moorestown devices released yet, this is all we have…hone,2624.html…one-processor/”

  • zymo

    rumor is that nokia will show the N9 dev-phone on feb 13. And eldar now tweets that nokia will produce only 90000 pieces of the N9. Would confirm the rumor of a dev-phone.

    • KeiZka

      like sym^3 sold only 1mil, eh?

      • He’s gotten laughable at this point…. 1 million? It was pretty much the only device available, no way in hell is it only 1 million.

        • Adnan

          he says total of 5 million devices were sold. 1 million N8-00s while 3 million C6-01s. total crap. C6-01 is not even available in all countries. its still not available in many countries including india. NO WAY IN HELL MILLION C6-01s couldve been sild. he knows absolutely nothing. not to mention that N8 was out long before C6-01. N8 was advertised much more and its the current flagship. Im yet to seen anyone with a C6-01. CLUELESS ELDAR

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  • ahsan

    since my comment isnt getting approval i would just paste the link . apparently there are two dev devices the ICDK and NCDK . icdk is open and ncdk is closed . read info about the ncdk here

    • ahsan

      also read the last comment on that page the ncdk has a uniuqe touch screen controller

      “the ncdk device appears to feature interesting touch screen controller…ler_mXT224.php

  • Keith

    From what you talked about the 14MP sensor, I would guess it’s either gonna be the true zoom phone that Nokia was talking about or the N9.

    Hope it’s something worth it though

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