Intel Medfield Prototype shown off by Intel: More signs of things to come?

| January 31, 2011 | 24 Replies

So, this news comes as both a surprise and an expectation. Intel demonstrated a fully built device, supposedly running Medfield at Intel’s sales conferece last week and it is a looker :).


Everyone put on your foil hats and start speculating. Nokia shutting up shop on Qt Quick elements to be used in their UI’s, Medfield devices showing up MeeGo bug lists with increasing prevalence and now this? Mere coincidence or signs of a silent rumbling happening behind closed doors? MWC 2011 is going to be VERY interesting.

Via Slashgear


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  • John

    I saw that aswell, but it already has been confirmed that Intel, Meego and Ot all have booths at MWC so there will be something in terms of software which is promising as the N9 will be judged on the software

    I cannot wait 😀

  • Jim
  • Eero
  • chfyfx

    Nice work, Jay & Co. Dragon ball is one of my cartoons and Mynokiablog is one of my favorite blogs!

  • chfyfx

    We all know it is coming. Make it sooner, Intel and Nokia!

  • OpenSource

    It’s always a bad sign if some CxO, VPs or what so ever company man is showing an unnamed device in a press conference without giving any details. HP Slate anyone?

    BUT: I hope that Nokia is going to unleash meego on a decent device very soon.

  • ummNo

    Found this link on comments in Engadget´s post:

    Phone surely looks a lot like Aavas black 2nd gen smartpohne platform.

  • Guest

    Nokia has probably built a reference telephone for Intel. As Alex68 talked about here earlier.

    Nokia and Intel have been working on a mobile for a while now:

  • Giax

    Enlarging the picture you can see how the user interface is great Meego. I can not wait!
    PS: Medfield is dual core?

    • Medfield is likely not dual core….BUT it supports hyperthreading which is in essence virtualization of multiple cores.

      • Jim

        from what I heard is dual core

        • From what I’m seeing it’s not 🙂

          Writing a post as we speak…
          Let’s just say that even at this stage it BLOWS Tegra 2 out of the water in raw CPU power

  • Johnny Tremaine

    Well, considering that Intel today is recalling their Sandy Bridge chips, I wouldn’t be putting all my eggs in that Intel basket.

    Just sayin’…

    • Sandy bridge firstly has nothing to do with Medfield.

      Different teams, different objectives, somewhat different tech.

      Secondly the problem with Sandy Bridge was with regards to the SATA controller. Again, has nothing to do with Medfield.

      You can say what you want but it’s wholly irrelevant in this case…

      • Johnny Tremaine

        Oh, I realize that.

        I’m just pointing out that hanging your hat on an Intel partnership in mobile isn’t a sure thing by any means.

        They’re still unproven in that area.

        • As were Apple and Google….. Need I say more?

        • Peter

          Or it can be the best possible thing at this point. In benchmark tests, Moorestown wipes the floor with dual core Cortex-A9 solutions. 32nm Medfield is supposed to increase this performance gap even little further, while finally catching up ARM solutions in power consumption.

          I seriously doubt Intel&Nokia would bring anything to the market if it doesn’t perform well enough.

  • Deaconclgi

    Off topic: Interesting! QT Snes emulator working on the N8 being developed!

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  • KeiZka

    I need to point out that it might as well be an Aava dev phone, they have their 2nd gen in the pipeline currently.

    Still, interesting.

  • this article should be linked NOT to slashgear … but TMO where the picture came from. the same exact thread that you based your next article on, that had the iCDK log.

    pay attn!!!

    could be aava … but their 2nd gen device has an apple like antenna bezel, this from what we can see has tapered edges. they do not look similar. plus do you see how clear that screen is under all that stage lighting … aava isnt up on things like that. they are an ODM. intel will have it in their booth, but probably hold off on staging it to build excitement for meego … no one has heard of aava.

    • then again … no one has heard of this device … so there you go.

      eitehr wy a medfield device is thrilling!

  • I frankly learned about nearly all of this, but that being said, I still considered it turned out useful. Sweet blog!

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