Nokia Medfield dev device specs: In NITTY GRITTY detail

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The guys at are an awesome way to get information. This most recent bit of news concerns the dev devices being used to squash bugs for upcoming MeeGo releases, in particular MeeGo 1.2 . The device corresponding to these specs, hardware and chips has been identified as either nCDK or iCDK for certain and is based on an Intel Medfield SOC.

Main processor:

Medfield x86 architecture with 2 CPU’s being recognized by the logging software, achieved either through hyper-threading or multiple CPU cores. Which of the two is not explicitly verified. A maximum clock speed of 1.6 GHz a minimum clock of 200Mhz with a number of intermediate clock steps in between allowing for variable performance.

Using a synthetic Linux Benchmark (likely quadrant) a score  of 6389.62 BogoMIPS was achieved. Comparatively spekaing, Tegra 2 on the Optimus 2X manages to get a score of 2391 BogoMIPS using a similar synthetic test. The caveat here is that the test on the Optimus is not optimised for multiple cores. However, even if you assumed a generous improvement of 2 times the single core performance, there is still significant headroom as far as the Intel chip and raw CPU performance is concerned.


While ROM and RAM size will likely differ in retail devices, 1GB of RAM is on hand. There also appears to be up to 500 MB of graphics memory on tap using Intel’s dynamic memory allocation but the amount integrated on the graphics core is uncertain.


Verification of a PowerVR SGX core, though the specifics of said core are still unknown. GPU and associated Image Processor information is not available but 1080p encode and decode are expected. The GPU core is known to be clocked at 200Mhz

Ports and Connectivity:

HDMI appears to be a go in addition to USB-on-the-go. HSPA, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS AND NFC support also appear to be present.

Chips mentioned and capabilities are provided below:

  • Bluetooth & Wi-fi: Combined Bluetooth and Wi-fi on a single chip capable of  Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Wi-fi b, g & n as well as FM transmission and reception. Courtesy of Texas Instruments
  • Digital compass: 3-axis magnetometer, previously used in devices like the N86. Courtesy of AKM

The information here is only the tip of the iceberg and we’re sure to dig up a lot more information in coming weeks

Link to the original post here and to the bug report and log here. Give the bug report a look and tell us what you can dig up!


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