Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Acer and several others barely sell more Androids than Nokia alone with Symbian in Q4.

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OK, With every story there’s various perspectives. Here’s the “Android takes over Symbian” story. The last time such a story ran where “Android took over Symbian” in Asia, China and India were taken out of the equation. Not just Nokia’s biggest markets but the two countries combined has 60% of Asia’s frikkin population!

Now we’re hearing again that in Q4, Android has taken over Nokia’s Symbian. 31M (Symbian) vs 33M (Android).

28.3M are from Nokia. One manufacturer. ONE.

Nokia is one guy. Let’s call him Chuck Norris.

Android is like a group of guys. Sammy, Henry, Moe, Sonny, Luigi, Ace and several other extras.

For quite some time, Chuck has been beating everyone else on his own! (Not that Chuck was ever praised. Oh it’s not about sales! It’s not about market share! It’s not about anything positive for you unless we can brag about it ourselves).

Some questions I wanna ask:

  • How many Symbian Phones sold in 2010
  • How many Android Phones sold in 2010
  • When did Nokia start selling S^3 phones?
  • Is Nokia still number 1 as phone manufacturer?
  • How come Android at Number 2 in Q3 is INCREDIBLE but Nokia at number 2 in Q4 are “DYING”. What on earth about #3, #4, #5?
  • Are there still more Symbian users than Android users?

You know what? I think it’s awesome that it takes every other god-damn manufacturer to sell all their androids to ‘overtake’ Symbian.

And this is with the “crappy Symbian phones” that the likes of Gizmodo refused to review as they hated it so much! It’s so “bad” and so “weak” yet every major manufacturer are barely denting it? Nokia’s given the competition SUCH an EASY time so far.

But seriously, Nokia. Get your freaking act together with Symbian. This could have been nipped in the bud, now you’re gonna have to pull a lumberjack routine.

hmm. I haven’t eaten in 30 hours :o.


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