Video: State of MeeGo Community & New Businesses with Jim Zemlin (50 min) – MeeGo – the future of Mobile

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Jim Zemlin (Top Dog – Executive Director – of the Linux Foundation), gave a presentation on the State of the MeeGo community in Japan in December 2010. It’s quite long (48 minutes) but if you have an hour to spare, it’s a great insightful video to watch on the Future of mobile, Linux and MeeGo.

Cheers to Jim for the heads up!

Zemlin begins by discussing the successes of Linux:

  • Linux 95% of fastest super computers
  • Linux largest market share of smartphones
  • Number 1 market share in embedded systms
  • fastest platform in embedded devices in wide range of technology
  • With all the success of linux, we’re really just at the very beginning in growth of linux and mobile computing – MeeGo represents, start of new era in computing shown

A video of the “future of computing” is at 3:14. Kinda looks like something from the 80s. I don’t know if that was intentional.

  • Open model leads to innovation. It’s not good enough any more to sit around by yourself to think of big ideas. Trick is to get more people thinking, participate and collectively innovate.
  • Open Without Fragmentation – developers are having to test the same applications on hundreds of devices. MeeGoleverages innovation but solves fragmentation. It’s the core of how MeeGo operates. The MeeGo way of working:
    • Inclusion, transparency, meritocracy, upstream first philosophy
    • Stability, longevity and ease of maintenance in MeeGo due to upstream 1st philosphy.
  • For 3rd party developers, how to ensure apps run on all devices?
    • Rather than an afterthought, it’s key things from get go for MeeGo to provide.
    • MeeGo has compliance programme that has wide variety of tools so that OEM can use compliance testing tools to certify their products to MeeGo. In turn, can licence meego trademark. So MeeGo applications will run on that Device.
    • Anyone can USE MeeGo, but you have to sign up for Licence, get compliance tested to be a MeeGo device.
    • Therefore: ALL MeeGo apps will work on ALL MeeGo Devices
  • MeeGo products run through
  • Guest speakers Makoto Sugano (Nokia Corporation) Cliff Miller (Splashtop Inc.) Daniel Kihlberg (Nokia Corporation)
  • For 3rd Party developers, Qt is primary development API for MeeGo.
    • Qt growing very quickly, used in over 70 industries
    • Qt already picking up in MeeGo segments, momentum building up
    • With Nokia, working with operators (telefonica, Orange, telecom italia, sprint) supports MeeGo community (china mobile also stepped up with Linux Foundation)
    • Earlier you get started, the more impact you have. Seriously, this is such fertile ground and it’s for the smart developers picking.
    • Symbian devices can reuse MeeGo Qt code. 45 million active (45?) and another 50 million coming. Homogeneous 100million devices using Qt code.
    • Half a million Qt developers
    • Qt Quick makes it much easier to reuse code across devices in order to have homogeneous big market.
    • As MeeGo devices hit market in 2011, Apps are already going to be there.
    • Qt will become fully open next year, like MeeGo.
  • Some joking around about the next Nokia MeeGo handset in terms of WHEN, “some time in 2011”
  • Commercial Vendor View
    • Being lazy, spend time doing other things than developing a kernel, file system, use MeeGo. Everybody does it for you.
    • Splash top makes an instant on OS:
    • Spend more time into what you’re really good at
    • MeeGo gives you control as OEM – control over your own destiny
    • Conversations with largest telecoms in the world, largest OEM PC manufacturer in the world
  • App Stores
    • Ovi Store from Nokia – picking up really fast. First Qt Apps coming in and ramping up.
    • More Symbian devices, Ovi being prepared for Qt, we’ll have really fast progress.
    • Qt will come in to Intel App store.
    • Other folk will use App Up (I hope there’s a unified app store somewhere)
    • I think MeeGo app stores are like Malls. You have MeeGo (the Mall) and the various stores in side (different app stores via App Up, plus Ovi). Something like Apple’s App Store would be like Tesco/Wallmart where you’d get pretty much everything from the same place.
  • QML
    • A revolution
    • Qt based on C++ Devs
    • Now, can join in (web developers with HTML5 competence)
    • Benefits of Qt and Qt Quick (combination of QML AND Qt Creator) you can bring UI designer to work very close to PROGRAMMER. No need to stop UI designer developing something that cannot be used in end code.
    • Can work hand in hand to make applications easily.
    • Can do fast change iterations
    • Working very hard to make new components to Qt Quick to make sure apps work on different screens, device types to support a MeeGo ECOSYSTEM.
    • Jim Zemlin, “It’s extraordinary how fast you can develop applications with QML”.
    • Great native development environment, Qt, rapid development in QML.
    • Web Run Time > Shifting from WRT to QML
    • World Wide Developer event in Dublin, 80% outside of Nokia/Intel.
  • MeeGo designed to be extensible across range of devices. Not a phone OS Stretched to a tablet, not phone OS shrunk to CAR IVI.


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