“Analyst” says MeeGo is a Joke, advises Nokia to Ditch MeeGo and go for WP7

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I do love these so called analysts that seem to take inspiration from Gizmodo. Apparently, somebody called Adnaan Ahmad, Berenberg Bank analyst has written an open letter to Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer of which part says,

“Get rid of your own proprietary high-end solution (MEEGO)–it’s the biggest joke in the tech industry right now and will put you even further behind Apple and Google. Focus your high-end portfolio around WP7, and over time you can take the cost down (that’s Steve’s job and cost base) to get this into the mid-range market.”

I don’t even know where to begin with the whole ditching MeeGo suggestion. It’s pretty late and I have a really early start tomorrow. But here goes:

  1. You AA (or anyone), have not seen what Final MeeGo handset looks like on a Nokia handset. How on earth would you know how MeeGo will pan out? Are you really suggesting that as Nokia are putting a lot of effort into MeeGo to reclaim high end to just go, “Feck this, let’s put all this money and time down the drain and invest in something that, well though too early to tell, people don’t actually like that much”.
  2. Linux Foundation sees future of computing in MeeGo. Seamless device interactions. Are you fearful of what MeeGo can accomplish and would rather attempt to scare and snuff the competition before they even leave the starting block?
  3. MeeGo tablet (vanilla) looks fantastic, MeeGo netbook is getting praises on what a netbook experience should be. MeeGo TV is pushing boundaries of set top boxes. There’s MeeGo IVI car infotainment  too. All capable of sharing a fragmentation less ecosystem – one app works on all. Not to mention that those Qt Apps running on MeeGo devices can also run on the millions of Symbian devices too.
  5. Nokia has to let MeeGo run. There are too many good things going for MeeGo right now to just give it up at the last hurdle. If it fails catastrophically then, perhaps then start thinking about dropping it. If ever there would be WP7 that should be in conjunction with MeeGo not either or.
  6. You say so profoundly that MeeGo is a joke? For what out of the thousand words you have used is your reason?
  7. Or perhaps the reason may be answered by the answer to this: Did you go to Gizmodo’s “I hate Nokia 101 class”

Weren’t analysts sceptical about Android during its infancy? No where near the amount of apps, devices were poor. Hmmm.

Well here’s to what Nokia will announce on Feb 11 (9 days away). Scobleizer has some thoughts on what he’s expecting the “Norwegian” Nokia to do. I haven’t read it yet. I’m going to bed.

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Note: As a Nokia geek/fanboy (NOT an analyst or anyone with an approximation of that profession) I’m always going to be eternally hopeful of Nokia’s situation so bear that in mind :p. There’s glimmers of signs that justify such hope. Here’s wishing it all comes good for Nokia in the end.



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