Winners and Losers of the Nokia-Microsoft “alliance”

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So a lot has been made about this ‘alliance” (I hate that word) a lot of negative comments mainly from the Nokia enthusiasts side and also employees and developers that work on Symbian. Nokia and Microsoft make this sound like the best thing since sliced bread but the markets don’t seem to agree, because of the time I am writing this post Nokia’s shares have tanked 12%.

With that in mind I decided to compare the losers and winners of this supposed alliance to, so here it goes :


Microsoft: Of course they are one of the biggest winners in this, they get Ovi Maps for FREE which Eldar has claimed on Twitter. It will most likely be rebranded as Microsoft or Bing maps and other WP7 OEM’s will be allowed to use it for FREE !!!!! WTF NOKIA They will probably troll though Nokia’s huge patent portfolio and grab what they can, they also get Nokia’s hardware expertise, which is second to none basically I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft bought Nokia for cheap in a few years.

Samsung : Samsung must be celebrating hard right now, it is obvious now that they will become the largest Handset maker in the world and dethrone Nokia, because the transition that is taking place from Symbian to WP7 will simply take too long for Nokia to respond. I don’t think Nokia will retake that crown either, there is no way. During the transition period no one will buy a Symbian device it would suicide. I personally wouldn’t recommend any Nokia devices until we see some WP7 phone’s, which I am not holding my breath for either.

Apple: Well what can I say Steve Jobs is obviously laughing right now, they have accomplished what they couldn’t do to Microsoft in the PC race which is to disrupt the market place and basically kill Symbian and Nokia couldn’t counter attack. Microsoft counter attacked Apple in the PC business buy just spending bucket loads of money. There is a real possibility that the Mobile OS game is between iOS and Android actually scratch that it already is, the rest will have small shares if they are lucky.

Google : Despite Gartners claims that Symbian is still the worlds most used OS, Android will take that next week maybe, I mean who is going to buy a Symbian device now ?!?!?! Would you recommend one to your friends or family, I know I wouldn’t so yeah Symbian’s market share will completly evaporate sadly. Developers also will have no interest and move on to iOS and Android.

Eldar Murtazin : For years this guy has been doing the best job possible for his employers Samsung and he has succeeded in a way, Samsung’s path to becoming the biggest handset maker is too easy to screw up now, just sell more Galaxy S variants and you are there.


Intel: I sort of feel sorry for them remember their alliance with Nokia at last MWC ?……..yeah that went well. An analyst called MeeGo the biggest Tech Joke right know and I made fun of him, but do you know what it is a frackin joke and don’t want to see it anymore Nokia where never interested in it they toyed with it but their execution was amateurish. Oh yeah and where do Intel go from here they are sort of struggling in the tablet and Smartphone are only time will tell…..

Symbian, Qt, MeeGo: Man I feel sorry for every developer that has worked their bums off of getting apps to work for Symbian which was always harder than any other platform. I was very interested in developing for Nokia using Qt but that will not anymore. Whats more annoying is the thousands of Symbian and MeeGo engineers working at Nokia that will get the boot now, how many of those people had amazing ideas that where put forward but where rejected by effin corporate bureaucracy, thats what drove Nokia to Microsofts arms in the end. We can sort of blame ourselves a bit  as well, I mean we where sooooo convinced that MeeGo was going to be amazing and the new UI on Symbian will be hit, but in the end we where thinking with our hearts rather than our heads, it was never going to work with Nokia at the helm any other company would have executed that strategy perfectly and on time. Nokia’s snail pace development is shocking put that together with Microsoft and you will have something that is truly the laughing stock of the market.

Nokia fans: How can we ever believe that Nokia where actually going to execute the whole Symbian/MeeGo ecosystem together with Qt, it was so good to be true and we believed them, but I wish we hadn’t the number of times Nokia have promised and not delivered is beyond believe. Remember the first Maemo 6 device with an iconic user interface coming out middle of 2010, yeah that never happened. The Nokia N8 took ages to come out and when it did the UI was average if you are being nice, What about the Nokia E7…….forget it they will be lucky if 7 people picked it up. Nokia never held any of their promises for the last 3 years and we forgave them and trusted them that MeeGo was amazing. When the leaked pics of the Nokia N9 came out it received unanimous praise from the tech media even Engadget started getting excited about MeeGo but they screwed it up like Nokia are famous for for the last few days. Nokia dropping todays bombshell is like you catching your girlfriend sleeping with your best friend after years of her telling you she loves you.

Nokia: Oh yeah I almost forgot the company that got itself into this situation in the first place. All I can say is they screwed it up for the last few years and they screwed us over as well.

All is not lost though, if Microsoft can develop WP7 fast enough then we could have some cracking devices in the future from Nokia.

One thing is for sure though Nokia will never become the wolds biggest cell phone maker again at best they will be as big as Motorola if they are lucky ……..ouch


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