Multitasking, Copy and Paste, IE9 coming to Windows Phone in March 2011

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If someone told you to think of a mobile operating system that at launch did not have multitasking, did not have copy and paste and did not have flash support, you’d think of Apple right?

Now it was odd for Symbian users that in 2007 it could not do those basic smartphone features. The last thing you’d expect is that from 2010 when Microsoft announces their new, built from the ground up OS is that they’d follow Apple in the missing features route. Now that Apple has it (well kinda multitasking, no flash, but there is copy and paste) any one else lacking this feature is “late” and deserves to be whipped.

Some would argue that usability is of equal importance to features. How easily you can get to the features, how simply you can use them is just as important as having the features there in the first place – otherwise, they would be far too difficult or cumbersome to use. Whether Windows Phone delivers this I can’t really say as I’ve not played with it long enough (I am currently looking to get a windows phone handset so I will learn a bit what I’ll be talking about. I know Andre’s already ordered one).

Engadget is reporting that Windows Phone will get some these features in March. This year. Let’s hope they aren’t like Nokia in terms of update dates eh?

  • Multitasking for third party apps
  • Copy and Paste
  • IE9 >> Supposedly will dramatically enhance web experience. IE on WP7 has already been praised as being one of the best mobile browsers available by blogosphere reviewers.
  • No mention about Flash (or is this part of the dramatically enhanced web?)
  • MS Office Documents in the cloud
  • Twitter integration to the people hub
  • Not an OS feature but part of the Press Release: “Targeting significant volume of Nokia Windows Phones in 2012”
  • Something about an instant capture “feature” that lets you take photos with the camera button even if the phone is locked. Hmm. Do Windows Phones not have lock switches?

One example of how deep thinking about the mobile phone experience translated into a feature is the Windows Phone 7 camera. Each device has a camera button on the side and can instantly take a photo, even if the phone is locked, rather than the user having to miss the moment while scrambling to unlock the phone and open a camera app.

It’s just one of many thoughtful details that make the phone different, and Wollersheim said that is largely why people are so “jazzed” with their new phones

Over at MobileBurn, Michelle Ruffass says that Windows Phone 7 works in companion with the XBOX 360 Kinect Motion controller

“For instance, a WP7 smartphone owner could use their device to play a game against someone using an XBOX 360 in another room.”

Not sure exactly how it would work. If we find a video, we’ll update this post. Speaking of XBOX integration – who’s up for an XBOX Phone from Nokia? (Given the close partnership, do you reckon Nokia would bring it or would this be a free-for-all thing?). MS certainly needs something to go against the PlayStation phone as well as the mass of iOS games.

I’m slowly warming up to the idea of Windows Phone on my Nokia. What about you?

Cheers to Mirza and Zane for the heads up!

(Interested to know: USB mass storage function? USB OTG? MicroSD card function that works? Custom Ringtones? Themes? So many other stuff Im used to Symbian/Maemo)

Just a quick scan of Engadget comments. Thought this was one interesting.

All this hating on WP7 is the same type of hating that occurred when both IPhone and Android first cam out. Where are they now? The more hate Microkia gets the more they are disrupting the industry in which they are doing. And if they can execute, on what they are promising to bring this year, then all OEMs will be on notice.

Jason Duffus

Comments after that kinda turn to their usual troll retardedness (And I’m on about the ones trolling Apple fanboys, not MS)

Demo of  Multitasking, application pausing and switching using a game and third-party music application.


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