Behind the scenes of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership as it unfolded.

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During a lecture break, I saw @mikemacias tweet about a story from WSJ detailing the drama and events that unfolded before the shocking Nokia Microsoft partnership on February 11, 2011. It’s certainly worthy of a 5 minute break

Nokia’s Flirtations Put the Fear of Google Into Microsoft

It outlines some things we’re already familiar with and quite a few things that have stayed behind the scene.
  • Elop looked into alternatives just a month into the job
  • Several meetings occurred between Nokia and prospective partners Google and Microsoft (though there were others too not mentioned)
  • Nokia going with Android would have destroyed Windows Phone’s chances of becoming a serious player. It would have blown Microsoft’s chances of getting traction in the mobile phone market.
  • Billions of dollars and incentives offered to court Nokia. He was also receiving incredible offers from google. Remember during MWC, Elop said the decision of the final outcome changed SEVERAL times. It wasn’t always a narrow one way lane to Microkia.
  • Nokia, pressed for time – MS apparently moved more quickly than google to strike an alliance
  • Google was less willing to use Nokia’s mapping services – Microsoft already uses Navteq maps for Bing
  • Ballmer flew out to Helsinki on a private jet but due to adverse weather conditions ended up having an early stop, and being forced to go on a commercial airline. This was all “hush hush”, so was very risky. Ballmer’s cover was nearly blown when he was PAGED by name OVER LOUDSPEAKER! Where’s this info from?
  • Google VP ‘tweetbombed’ prior to the announcement that “two turkeys does not make an eagle” to which Elop replied “Two bicycle makers, from Dayton Ohio, one day decided to fly”. BTW, Since when did being the biggest mobile phone manufacturer make you a Turkey When this was first mentioned by Anssi Vanjoki, what on earth was BenQ and Siemens to the mobile handset world?
  • Intel CEO said Elop just went with the highest bidder
  • Google CEO said he wished Nokia went Android, and hopes they will do in the future.



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