Videos: Nokia’s Three Year Ecosystem Vision from MWC (New Symbian UI, “Magnificent”) MeeGo N950 to ship this year

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Here’s the Nokia Developer Day keynote titled, “Nokia’s Three Year Ecosystem Vision”from MWC with Nokia’s CTO Rich Green (ex Sun Software boss), some guests and other members of the Nokia team. It’s roughly 50 minutes over four videos. I’ve copied some slides down from first two vids but note, Rich mentions more around those slides.

Nokia’s Four “Simple” rules guiding mobile developers:

  1. A large, highly engaged customer base – you need mass….without it it’s just not that interesting; more people smiling at the engineer’s work, the better
  2. Some great tools
  3. Application delivery through a store
  4. multiple paths to monetize apps

The long term strategy:From developer perspective, from 2012 onwards in volume perspective that’s the smartphone platform

Symbian Continues to evolve – operating systems DON’T GO AWAY. They just don’t We do not have a planned date for obsolescence. What we do have a plan focusing on Windows Phone. Hmm what happens after 3 years though? Is that the next disruption? MeeGo 3.0? :p

There’s a new interface that Rich has been “waiting and waiting for and it’s there”. Really now? Is it really that good? “I’ve seen it and it’s magnificent”

Lot’s of investments in Qt, QML – take home message – “Not nearly dead”. 150M more new devices….”225+M devices as fodder for your apps is hardly a near death experience”. hmm..

On MeeGo. To ship this year. The back story. Successor to N900…N950 to ship this year

Components of MeeGo will make the next disruptive work.

On Qt QML “We bet the company on this some months ago”. Seem to like gambling.

On S40 – Nokia doubling down on S40. More than 600M devices out there. Bring the web to the next billion.


Apps for Next Billion

And finally

Nokia CTO Rich Green says he’s NOT a merketing guy. He’s not paid to “Rah, Rah” i.e. be excited about Nokia stuff. If he’s excited, he does it. BTW, as he noted in his last video about his “iThing” He OWNS an iPhone (said he put it in his bag, haven’t powered it up in 2 months and he “lives on this”). I wonder how many Nokia executives use Non Nokia products.


PART 3 – The Windows Phone Guy,

What happens with Ovi Store? (I thought Nokia said this will live on as a store front on MSMarketplace?) MS will have a special Windows Market place for Nokia Phones. Looking forward with Nokia to define what that looks like.



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  • Average Joe

    Shining future for Qt and Symbian? Yeah, sure. It’s just damage control to me; in the hope they can recover some of the developers they’ve just dropped in the middle of the street, they’re inviting them to invest in code and training which will be useless within the next 24 months.

    The downgrading of the very name of the N9 to an out-of-series Nxxx is a message worth more than all the buzzwords they’ve gibbered since the MS deal every time they were asked about the future of MeeGo.

    Nevertheless, if it’s a phone I will probably buy the one MeeGo device, because it could be the last chance for me to put my hands on a device of that breed.

    • mee go MAD

      n900 is still one great mobile device and i dont see why why n950 shouldnt live upto it

      n950 with meego will have great ui and ux and great modders and community

      but no apps? or fewer apps?

      anyway meego foundation will provide further updates to the device which will be great

      im worrying about the apps though i mean i love a great mobile device but it should have entertainment games and apps, atleast match the symbian’s current app standard or even maybe android’s app standards

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  • Johnny Tremaine


    Nokia is in full on damage control mode.

    They’re spinning so hard that if you hooked up, say, Rich Green to a dead car battery, he could probably jump-start it.

  • napier

    So the CTO, who would have been deeply involved in designing and pushing the Qt strategy for the last few years is thrilled it’s abandoned for some extremely non-functional, but pretty OS.
    Yeah, OK. Makes sense.

  • I know it is not likely, but I will LAUGH if Nokia pours tons of time and money into WP7 and the consumer just shrugs and keeps buying symbian and eventually MeeGo. Probably wouldnt look good for Elop though.

    • Brock

      I REALLY hope that this will happen. I will buy the N950 as soon as its out, but i would never ever buy a wp7 phone, even if it is from nokia (and i had only nokia phones my whole life).

      Since 10.01.11 (1 day befor elopocalypse) the stocks value is down by 25%, but this is not enough, i hope it will still fall for some while, maybe elop and the board will see, that their decision about wp7 is wrong… and give meego another chance when its ready and “amazing” (like Marko Ahtisaari mentioned at LeWeb) Man, this interview was my biggest hope for a great meego year… now we will see some bad wp years…

      if the stocks value is under 1EUR, i will buy nokia completely, and then the future of smartphones will begin! 😉

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  • meh


    on the same day microsoft pushes firmware updates that brick samsung ms 7 phones…

    he has internet explorer as a selling point for phones that will be shipping in 18months… IE is not a selling point mate! for developers its a curse.

    meego plans are as muddy as ever (hurra we now no the model number!), no doubt nokia will refuse to patch serious bugs and refuse to release code so we just fix it ourselves just like with the n900.

    its a shame, i am loving pyside and qt.

    for now ill take my dev efforts elseware.

    sent from my soon to be depricated n900 🙁

  • mkudro

    Did anyone noticed how across slides it’s being talked about long term MP strategy and when it comes to QT it always “next 150 million phones”.
    Last slide is very clear about it:
    QT – year 2011 (and then what?)
    MP – long term opportunity.

    It’s just sad.

  • fitzgerald

    available update for N8 search widget..via OTA

  • pupnik

    I wish this microsoft crap were just an attempt to fool some investors, but i’m afraid it’s very bad for nokia.

    They should have 1) dropped the symbian development – the platform is mature and works – doesn’t new wizbling or features or chipsets or anything. Let it coast.

    2) Bring out unfinished meego devices and let them grow organically. This “ship a perfect thing” is not the way – it’s get your platform out the door now and let it grow organically.

    All this along with job cuts is doable

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    • Brock

      what? in english please…

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