Video: Windows Phone Advert: “Shouldn’t you have one? Yes, you should!”

| February 26, 2011 | 48 Replies

T SHO sent this tip to us of a Windows Phone advert making the rounds on the internet.

It’s an excellent advert that boldly shows off it’s selling points. Asking, “What if”, you’re asked

“what if the best looking phone in the room also had brains, and lets you watch your favourite movies, find the best restaurants, play xbox live and keep up with your friends. If it had that, and this, shouldn’t you have one? Yes, you should!

Essentially those characteristics are so vague in the smartphone world that they could be about any device (except the xbox live bit). What makes it great is that despite that, it still points it out that those things are smart things and that it is the device that does it. Jo and Jane public statistically won’t be tech enthusiasts. They just want phones that “do things” their friends talk about. They won’t care for the most part” what is doing it”, as long as “it does it well”. Unless of course, they’re part of the crowd that just follows the trend of their friends (iPhones/BlackBerry)

This is what I really want Nokia to do. As well as showing off things only it can do (with the camera etc) be bold about other “common tasks) that we take for granted.

At the end of it though, they are a little cheeky in saying,

“get the only phone with office, xbox live and thousands of apps” Those combination of three might be true but the thousands of apps bit is what rings most strongly and it seems like these windows phones are the ones with apps, no?

YouTube comments in reply to this are extremely positive. Most seemingly Windows Phone users (which isn’t that big of a number in comparison with others).

P.S. after teething problems with my WP7 Omnia7, I’m really warming up to it. The browser (though flashless) is great. Really fast on a slow connection, renders everything correctly. Facebook pull down integration of contacts is wonderful. Facebook app – leaps and bounds over what we have on Symbian (though that’s more because social app was incredibly bad as opposed to it due to being Symbian). I won’t write too much now, I’ll leave it perhaps in a separate post.


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