Video: Intel Medfield, MeeGo and LTE at MWC

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Here’s a video of an Intel Presentation about the new Medfield platform, the MeeGo OS/Ecosystem and LTE that was recorded at MWC.

  • Some number crunching. 15 Million developers for Intel. 38,000 AppUp developers today. “We feel very confident where we are at at Ecosystem Building. We have third largest developer programme in the world”.

  • All operating system environments run on Intel Silicon. With Android, we receive twice the performance of our competitors.

  • Intel’s competitors will be catching up to them
  • Phone battery dies not because you’re in idle, but because you’re doing something with it. News, you want to be able to do things. High performance vs High battery life. If you get can the job done really fast – you go to sleep
  • Medfield – will have the FASTEST processor you can find, and the LONGEST use time. Active power translates to use time. Standby translates to you doing nothing (my phone never does “Nothing”. It’s getting data/mails etc which if not Push will kill it quickly). Really cool stuff that consumers care about, that’s what we’ll have

  • Sneak peek at Medfield

  • Just a couple of phones built on this thing: One below is on Android. Message to Warren East (ARM) It is possible to get Intel architecture into a phone and ship it with faster performance than what he can deliver and at a loer level of power than what he can deliver. You can put that in print.

  • Infenion part of Intel’s family as of Feb 2, to bring the communication side to Intel Chips. WiFi/Mobile Broadband, LTE. Production by Christmas 2012. (Will we still be around by then :p)
  • Intel Investments to make ecosystem more attractive

  • Summary of what goes into a great mobile platform.

  • There needs to be an open source alternative that i open for innovation across multiple segments of computing. That’s what MeeGo is the solution. Seamlessly connect devices. It doesn’t take away that we’re building lots of Android phones.
  • Demo of the Pre-Alpha ux. So not exciting. It was when we saw it last year, but for it to have pretty much not improved (apparently due to transition to Qt) is very disappointing, and many people (Nokia/MeeGo fans) have voiced such concern.

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