Symbian^3 new firmware PR2.0 Sneak Peek demoed on Nokia N8 – Tabbed Browsing, Accessible Timed Profiles and minor Email facelift.

| February 28, 2011 | 101 Replies

Good morning. We have another sneak peek of some features in upcoming PR2.0 for you. It’s not finalised but it’s just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Major thanks to Alex68 for sending this in:

1) Timed profiles more accessible

As begged by us Symbian users at the WishList panel (yet to update), Timed profiles is now a little bit more accessible. Hopefully you can see this view in homescreen too aswell as from profile view. This makes it easer to set timed profiles. Very useful  for me as to ensure I don’t forget to leave phones on silent and miss calls.

2) Mail

There’s a minor change in how mail looks. Notice that the top line contains the subject and in a smaller font, the body. In current email, we have senders name and subject in the same font. Also notice that when marking items, tick boxes appear on the left to be selected, as opposed to just boxless ticks on the right.


3) Browser.

We’ve seen thus multiple times now from Alex. Again just to reiterate, awesome bar at top, full screen view, persistent back button and options/full screen button.

You’ll see the browser trying to render It’s not mobile browser optimized. At Nokia World it was said to be as good as it’s competitors. That is not as good as MicroB on N900. I’m sitting here with my Omnia 7 and with I.E. on WP7 it just whizzed past the loading (albeit, not being able to load any flash which may be part of the speed increase). (BTW, Note, ie is still no where near as capable as MicroB. It cannot, for instance, view google docs swiftly like N900).

You’ll see the little split screen portrait qwerty in action.

What’s new is below

We can see tabbed browsing. New browser will accept multiple windows that are easy to switch between.

This is the interface. You can swipe between them, a little like page history. Press the plus icon to add a new window. Note, this is early stages. Having said that, the animation is very slow, feeling like it’s in slow motion. Afterwards swipe (though non responsive) switches instantly. Let’s hope this is much smoother on release.

At least for the time being we have ability to have multiple browser windows and switch between them (you can have multiple windows now but you can’t really switch – just close)

That’s it for now. There was something else but got cut in video. As to the date for PR2.0 – I have no idea. Rumours say March/early April. Then after that, PR 3.0 :D.



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