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Microsoft are really pushing Windows Phone’s profile with these adverts. Regardless of what the phone can actually do, or truths behind it, what is most important in the adverts is that it drums down your message to the viewer that your product is something DESIRABLE, something LIKEABLE, something You’d go out and BUY. All other factors do not matter.It doesn’t matter if other phones can do what yours does or maybe does it better. iPhone through out these years has shown us that. (Though I don’t really want to go to the point of MS using Job’s Reality Distortion Field, i.e. get the ‘oohs for the moment’, afterwards when others try to refute, that’s when nobody cares and nobody remembers.) Just focus on YOUR product. No wishy washy, super vague ads that mean eff-all to anyone that is asked afterwards, “so what did that ad tell you?”.

You guys are the higher discerning consumers. You aren’t the ones being targeted by these ads. I look at Nokia ads and I’m like…hmmm… what? If Joe Typical looked at the average Nokia ad and the average windows phone ad, I’d bet he’d prefer the latter. The only bad windows phone ads I’ve seen are the tutorial vids where the frame rate is like 1FPS. I’m not sure those were meant for mass public viewing anyway. The coolest ads with Symbian in the forefront I’d say is either the fake N97 ad, or the very first N8 demo videos with that catchy music and little robot.

“See what real people and the experts are saying about Windows Phone. The only phone with Office, Xbox LIVE, and thousands of apps. It’s time to trade up to a better mobile phone.”


“When was the last time you phone surprised you… in a good way? Windows Phone is the only phone with Office, Xbox LIVE, and thousands of apps. Watch the new Windows Phone commercial, featuring the Samsung Focus from AT&T.”

The Windows phone ads are on autoplay and here’s an interesting video I came across – Microsoft’s viewpoint of the Nokia-MS partnership. I like how the lady is like, “Nokia is a global company right?” LOLOL. You might say that. But I guess that would be a surprise for quite a few US based users, many of whom get surprised to hear Nokia still make phones, let alone sell over half a billion of them a year and is the NUMBER 1 manufacturer…in the WORLD.

Fortunately, the guy replies, “It’s a MONSTER company..they are truly a global brand…Huge in China, all over Europe and they OWN Africa”. They speak of Symbian and Ovi Store success and hope that they can bring this level of market penetration to Windows Phone. The Nokia-MS thing is big, big, big news for Windows Phone developers. Not so much good news for Qt/Symbian/MeeGo development, but since Nokia has switched primary long term focus to Windows Phone, success for Nokia requires success of Windows Phone, which hopefully may buy them some time to fix their “next disruption” behind closed doors away from expectant eyes.


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