Windows Phone 7 hits 10,000 apps- Faster growth than iOS AND Android

| March 12, 2011 | 13 Replies

The folks at Windows Phone Applist curate a list of pretty much every single Windows Phone 7 app released to the Windows Phone Marketplace. In the 177 days since the final version of the Windows Phone SDK went live and 142 days since the first devices went on sale, developers have flocked to the platform in numbers not seen in any of the other fledgling platform, ever. iOS supposedly saw a 142 day figure as well though I’ve been unable to verify this independently while Android took 11 months to get to a similar position.


While sales of these applications will likely pale in comparison to those seen in even the Ovi Store, one cannot deny the fact that developers far and wide are flocking to the platform with increasing rapidity. With increased support in the form of manufacturers like Nokia and the impending improvements coming to the platform, it’s fair to say that Windows Phone 7 appears to have a very strong future ahead of it.

Be sure to check out our Windows Phone impressions post when you get the chance, to get a detailed look at the platform from a Symbian and Nokia-user’s perspective.

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  • outdated os

    microsuck hating aside, I see that applegadget deserves the flames that they get.

    • outdated os

      to M$’ biatch (nokia), stay alive.

  • Zahid

    hope this platform takes the place of andriod and ios combined.
    Still nokia should not ditch symbian or meego

    • outdated os

      more competition = win

      something that goes over the head of Android-Ios world proponents

  • ummNo

    At the same time Microsoft share of US smartphone subscribers -1,7 %

    WP7 is nothing more than a dumbphone os with nice ui:

    • Kent

      Ironically, mass market folks need dumb phones with nice UI.

    • Tinkle


      Reading that you just see how incredibly MAD it is that Nokia are trying to get anyone to transition from Symbian to WinPho, especially when we see all the nice firmware upgrades coming through for Symbian and great growth of Ovi Store with all the great apps coming through.

      Shame that Andre and other writers here have just lapped it all up so unquestioningly from Nokia, they may not be being paid, but they’re certainly acting EXACTLY like they’re being paid to be Nokia PR.

  • mee go MAD

    wp7 is great, i might buy one soon but nokia shouldnt have left symbian to die soon.

    think about it how many people take 12MP pictures everyday? i have an n8 and i never do, i use my phone more for web browsing, games, apps, chat etc which is more based on software and nokia needs to do that so they need wp7 or they could have just made symbian with new qt ui but they cant anymore

    • Tinkle

      What are you talking about? Lots of people take pics every day, and appreciate the N8’s camera beats every other phone and most digicams out there. Most of the things you list there the N9 is great at (ever tried Opera Mobile browser? As good as iPhone or Android).

      And they ARE making Symbian with a new UI right now, and Qt is doing extremely well.

      • Tinkle

        > Most of the things you list there the N9 is great at

        I meant N8 obviously 🙂

  • BEN66

    Really? I can´t see those 10k apps int the marketplace. An handful of nonsense apps, some overpriced and some of very mediocre quality. And between all those miracles i must restart the phone because of marketplace freeze and lags.
    So said, my experience with WinPhone7 is lousy, despite the very good handset from Samsung (Omnia7)
    Waiting for the promised update from MS (first update for the update and the REAL update!)
    So while i am waiting:
    – i just bought an N900…

    • Andre

      The Ovi Store , App Store and Android Market are no different in that regard I can assure you.

  • I’m not automatically against Microsoft, but this is rediculous:
    10191 minus about 20% double applications AND e-Books are NOT Applications. Not on iOS and not on Android.

    Very cheap, they have some time to go…also ‘apps’ like: Technet 2010, technet 2011 are very nice, but not generally apps. Take a good look at the list, you will see what I mean. They are at about 6000 or so.