Video: WP7 NoDo updates – Copy paste demo on Windows Phone 7

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Copy And Paste – Symbian users didn’t feel this was really a feature to shout about until Apple made it the next big thing in an iOS update.

To be fair, although Symbian has had this for much longer, iOS did make it easier to perform. They polished it for Joe Average. Now you’d think Windows Phone would have gotten the lesson from iOS and shipped with copy and paste (indeed, early demoes showed this, but as a coming soon feature). Perhaps WP7 learned too much from iOS and omitted copy and paste from first release.

Anyway, the video below shows copy and paste in Windows Phone that appears in the NoDo update due this month. This is performed in the one note application. (BTW, this is a very nice note taking app. I managed to create a document from a presentation. A nice feature is that you can insert audio/voice memo clips in the document at specified areas).

I digress. In the video you’ll see:

  • Copy mode activated by tapping a word. You get two selection bars which you can drag and expand.
  • A button appears to copy (Why can’t it be a bar that says copy? – maybe consistency for paste button? Though it could equally just actually say, paste)
  • To paste, click the paste button that appears in the bar above the keyboard where suggested words normally appear.
  • To paste again, swipe that bar and that button will appear again. Nice use of gestures instead of menu digging.

It’s nice but could be MUCH MUCH better. Symbian^3 can’t do copy and paste of browser text (like Maemo 5) but it can do keyboard shortcut copy and paste like Maemo 5 with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V (and other quick text edit shortcuts) if you have the E7. Symbian’s copy and paste also still needs to go through options first.

I’m not sure if WP7 can do copy and paste from different applications. Would be nice from web browser into/from other apps. Ah, well at least it’s there.


ANOTHER NODO update video:

OK I haven’t even posted this yet but I found a better video demo that answers some of my questions via WinRumors:

Copy and Paste works across the whole OS, 3rd party apps included. Though Tom is finding difficulties how to get the text selection up to appear consistently in browser.

You can also see a “QUICKER” RESUME “feature” Windows Phone 7 doesn’t do multitasking – at least not of 3rd party apps (though I’m not sure how the stopwatch app is able to work in background). This is most noticeable in games.

There’s no quick way of moving from one app to another. However, native apps can be opened up instantly by pressing back or reselecting them. Unfortunately some third party apps have to basically either restart or reload what you’re doing. Even if your phone just unlocks. This I find highly annoying which is why I revert to browser to use facebook/twitter.

There’s also improvements to market place search, which puts apps higher up in search results.


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