Nokia X7 leaked on Three-UK, coming June – 8MP autofocus – No fixed focus! (May for E7)

| March 20, 2011 | 25 Replies

Zahid commented an engadget link showing some upcoming handsets for the UK network/carrier Three-UK.

Amongst the handsets coming, a couple of Nokias appear. The much late Nokia E7 (coming May for Three, earlier/later elsewhere) and the Nokia X7 (still unannounced, coming June)


Specs listed  known before, some new.

  • 8MP, digital zoom but with Auto Focus (+dual led). Autofocus! No fixed focus malarky as with E7/C7/C6-01. Should be no mistakes there as E7 is specifically listed “fixed focus”. Has X7 always been autofocus? Was it modded?
  • Capacitive tuch 4″ nHD amOLED
  • HSDPA 10.2 HUSPA 2.0
  • Symbian (though Android logo is present in top corner)
  • Touch
  • Follows the X6
  • TV ut, BT 3.0, 16GB memory, HD video .

Guys, what’s ATL? Both GSII and X7 have max 10Mill value. Stock bought? Answer escapes me.


Cheers also to Jimi for tipping. Though I’ve posted it, it always helps as I’m not always at my mails and can miss the odd mail.


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  • nick

    What is mill value, i dont understand

  • fahoum

    im not so sure about this, its fake if u ask me. Just look at the top right corner , there is the bluetooth symbol,wifi , 3g, a little green android 🙂 and hd… Now We all know that this little green robot has no place in our symbian hearts nor in a nokia phone prospect sheet … And thats why i think its fake.

    • hary

      Well when Nokia’s own ad can include firefox of Windows XP, it is not entirely impossible for 3 to include android symbol on symbian page. 😉

      • fahoum

        lol… u have a point there…
        i really hope it would have an AF camera… but its nokia, they justhave to screw these kinda things up with silly decisions! (like the menu key on the n8, which i still find hard to press even after 5 months of daily intensive use..)

    • Jay Montano

      HA good catch.

      • fahoum

        thanks, now lets hope i was wrong 🙂

    • A-S-D

      That mistake commonly occurs around teh world becaue people don’t know abotu Symbian and the Andriod logo is stuck everywhere such as on the N97 in Australia. I once saw it an information page on either Telstra’s and 3’s information page for the N97. Last year, Sense UI was being slapped on all the Andriod phones even though only HTC has it.

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  • adit38

    so, lets hope E6-00 will got autofocus, i really want E series that can scan document

  • A-S-D

    A June release at 3 Mobile will probably mean a late April worldwide release.

  • deep space bar

    why is there an android logo there ?

  • Will it have CBD?

    • hary

      Probably not, since e7 page had specific mention of CBD, but X7 didn’t. But you never know.
      So chill till it is announced.

  • I still think that X7 doesn’t have AF camera.

    E6 has a 1500mAh BP-4L battery. Good!

  • Lloyd

    My guess for ATL: Above the line.

    “3 UK have allocated 10 million GBP to a mass-market advertising campaign.”

  • Goc

    This makes sense, they were ready to launch it in January/early February. The delay happened for a reason.

  • kaiba

    Hopefully the E6 will also have autofocus!

  • Zaxxx

    Another ARM11 and 360×640? No thanks.

  • Eero

    Maybe it comes with Android, but a Symbian^3 skin? LOL:D
    Btw NO HDMI??? WTF!

  • Zahid

    here’s a hope it comes with pr 2.0 (or equivalent)
    also the screen should be cbd
    plus it should have four speakers but still if it has two it wont be too bad considering all the previous sym3 devices have one only

  • Ritesh D

    X7 may not have 4 homescreens says mobilesguruji

  • orpheus

    Yeah bye bye.. We’ll miss you so much! Nokia doesn’t need people like you! Go get the dual cores just because it’s dual core and even if there is not any app or software that requires that right now! Give me a break dude! Don’t be just a victim of developers’ games with numbers! Nokia is playing nice & fair!

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