Nokia Astound launched for T-Mobile: $80 USD with a two-year contract

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Well it took long enough!! Nokia has finally announced a  US-carrier subsidized version of one of their newer Symbian devices. The penta-band 3G toting device is pretty much a T-Mobile branded C7 with a somewhat updated firmware (somewhat of a halfway house between PR 1.2 and 2.0). The device comes with all the bells and whistles of the Symbian platform, multi-tasking, video-calling by way of Qik, great battery life and tons of functionality. The well-weather features of the C7 like the 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen, 8 Megapixel Full-focus camera and 720p video recording all seem to have made the jump. As an added bonus, T-Mobile  decided to add a rarely mentioned Wi-Fi calling feature much like they did with the E73 Mode.

Also pre-loaded with the phone are Fruit Ninja for fruit-slashing,  time-burning fun and Slacker radio for listening to tunes over the cloud. Ovi Maps is also pre-loaded (THANKS A TON T-MO) as well as the Ovi Store with full support for operator billing. An added plus is the fact that the device will also be carried and sold by 3rd party retailers around the US. Maybe I’ll see a few more Nokia users walking around ;).

No news on whether tethering, Bluetooth file transfers and other “hidden” features of Symbian^3 and the C7 made the jump on to the Astound but we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for info. Pre-orders go live tomorrow and stores should have ’em in stock by April 6th.

Hopefully this announcement signals the beginning of a large push for Nokia into gaining traction in the US market ahead of their impending Windows Phone 7 releases. Oh and seriously Nokia, when’re we getting that X7??


Full press release below:

Nokia delivers Astounding smartphone for T-Mobile USA customers 

WHITE PLAINS, NY, and ORLANDO, Fla., March 22, 2011 – Inspired by U.S. consumers who want an affordable smartphone that offers a simplified user experience and on-the-go entertainment, Nokia today continues to broaden its Symbian smartphone portfolio with the introduction of the Nokia Astound. Offering value without compromise, the Nokia Astound will be available exclusively from T-Mobile USA beginning April 6.

The Nokia Astound’s sleek stainless-steel design features an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and 720p HD video capture, a brilliant 3.5-inch capacitive touch AMOLED display, free turn-by-turn navigation from Nokia and access to thousands of free and paid apps via Nokia’s Ovi Store. The Nokia Astound makes it easy for consumers to stay connected. The Astound has three fully customizable homescreens, giving quick access to email, and the ability to check the latest from Facebook and Twitter, or just surf the web. Consumers can kick back and enjoy the Astound’s entertainment features by playing pre-loaded games like Fruit Ninja, listening to the lastest music with the Slacker Radio app, or browsing their own music and video collection, right at their fingertips.


“As millions more consumers make the switch to smartphones, Nokia is proud to offer an alternative that is not only easy and fun to use, but is also very sexy and sleek, unlike anything in its price point,” said Mark Slater, vice president of sales, Nokia. “With a user experience rounded out by Nokia’s Ovi services, including Maps and Store, consumers will be delighted to discover Nokia’s premium design quality with no compromises on services and apps, made affordable with T-Mobile.”

“As T-Mobile continues to make owning a smartphone easy and affordable, we are thrilled to introduce the high-quality design and entertainment experience of the Nokia Astound,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Offering the features of a high-end smartphone at a great price, the Nokia Astound is sure to appeal to a broad array of consumers.”

Uniquely crafted, the Nokia Astound is an example of the quality and impressive hardware that consumers associate with Nokia. Its AMOLED touchscreen is protected by ultrathin, damage-resistant glass and surrounded by stainless steel, which completes the attractive yet durable design.

Equipped with the latest commercial version of Ovi Maps1, the Nokia Astound provides free voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation in almost 100 countries in 46 languages. The Nokia Astound comes pre-loaded with automotive grade maps for the entire U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean2. With more than 8,000 3D landmarks and free premium content like Lonely Planet guides and TripAdvisor, consumers can explore new places and experiences along the way. New features include improved search engines and WiFi positioning, a drive assistance mode for real-time traffic updates, maps of public transit lines, and the ability to check in to places and share great moments with friends on Facebook, Twitter and many local social networks.

With the Nokia Astound, consumers can visit Ovi Store to discover new apps, games and themes to customize their device. Each week, Ovi Store continues to grow and add more great content that supports 32 languages in more than 190 countries. Currently, Ovi Store sees more than 4 million downloads worldwide per day, including popular apps and games like Angry Birds, OpenTable, Shazam and Galaxy on Fire. As an added convenience, apps and services can be billed directly to a consumer’s monthly T-Mobile bill or credit card.
1 Ovi Maps uses automotive grade maps from NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data. 2 Additional contries and languages are available to download free from Nokia. Data charges may apply.

Visitors at CTIA Wireless in Orlando, Fla., can visit the Nokia Lounge, booth #1626, to experience the Astound along with other Nokia solutions and meet developers who are creating compelling apps and content for consumers to enjoy on Nokia devices.

The Nokia Astound will be available nationwide starting April 6 through T-Mobile retail stores and online at for $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate card with a two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan.

The Nokia Astound will also be offered at select third-party dealers, and at leading national retailers including Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Target Mobile locations and Walmart. For more information, visit

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  • Deaconclgi

    I am excited about the Qik video calling. I hope we can get ahold of the sis file or Qik becomes available in the Ovi Store.

    I went into 3 different Tmo corporant stores over the last 3 days and at the mention of a new Symbian phone, they all literally cringed. I the educated them on the C7 and the fact that it would be announced soon and the pulled out my N8 to educated them that this is NOT the carrier crippled Symbian that is on the Nuron and that Symbian^3 is new, different and better and worth a long look. I also demoed games, the music player, visual multitasking, leading HD capture and other Symbian^3 features.

    All the reps in the 3 stores were impressed. I then told them the reality is that most of everyone in the US will have the same mistaken assumption that this is simple a Nuron 2 and that they will be missing on apps and that it will be cheap in features and weak in power. I then told them to their face that TMo most likely will not market the phone or properly train them and that the Astound will not sell as much as it could have due to lack of knowledge.

    I even told the TMo might be so lazy to just put Symbian on the adverisement and not Symbian^3.

    I then pulled out my N900 to just show that Nokia has many great devices, yet US customers are unaware and misinformed.

    • If they do not see it on the TV – it does not exist! And you must repeat many times… iPhone iPad iPod iPhone iPad iPod App store iPod iPad iCrap… 🙂 I am so proud to be born on the other side of the Atlantic!
      And yes Nokia is trying with it’s commercials, but way not enough. And the commercials are intelligent and beautiful – totally wrong, they has to be dump and repeat each piece of information at least 5 times!

  • Where are E6 and X7!! ORZ

    • A-S-D

      They will come when they’re ready

  • rudy

    I would actually pick this up if it didn’t require the smart phone data plan for the phone.

    • take it unlocked, then you will pay only $10 + totally unlimited internet (yes T-mobile controls data on the device site, I have N8 using 6-8 GB a month – no trotle no llimit no warning texts

      • rudy

        wouldn’t they be able to tell i’m using the c7 with the imei number?

        or atleast that’s what I heard.

        and I checked and they don’t have the c7 in the u.s store?

        • no, they do not do that. I know of somebody that has the unlocked version of Nuron – 5*** not sure about the number, and they do not count his DATA usage – same as mine. When you log in to your account usage DATA always 0. However, they would ask you many times what phone are you using, specially if you getting new service from them.

          • SB

            I have the $10 Unlimited Web plan – currently using it with the Nuron – works perfectly. Tried to use it on X2 – usual settings, data won’t work. Played around – changed the APN in “Personal Settings” (not Connectivity) – data works, but cannot get MMS to work. T-mobile tech support opened a ticket – one rep said that Engineering will look at it (7 days – no response). Another rep said that they are provisioning the X2 similar to the E73 so the $10 unlimited plan will not work – asked me to change to the $10 for 250MB (I refused).

            So the question to Svetlozar – what are the exact settings to make the N8 work (both data and MMS) with the $10 unlimited plan?

            • Svetlozar Simeonov

              Ok, I am not using MMS – that is so obsolete – everybody has a e-mail nowadays. I even went further and blocked incoming outgoing SMS (too much spam). Using Skype, Fring, E-mail for this purpose. So I can not tell you about MMS settings. As for the APN create a new APN packed data (or modify existing one) and the only one thing you wanna change is the Access Point Name to:

  • tinte

    this is the only phone (besieds n8, e7, and c6-01) that can run on both ATT’s and TMO’s 3G bands.. this should be a big selling point imo 🙂

    • Goc

      Especially now that they are both going to be the same company.

    • variaatio

      Actually ( I read this first in slashgear, but confirmed from nokia USA site) it’s missing 1900 Mhz 3g band. If i googled correctly, this is at&t 3g band (I’m european, so not sure)

      unlocked nokia c7 spec according to nokia europe:
      Operating Frequency
      GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
      WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
      Automatic switching between WCDMA and GSM bands
      Flight mode

      nokia astound spec according to :
      Operating Frequency
      GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
      WCDMA 850/900/1700/2100
      Automatic switching between WCDMA and GSM bands
      Flight mode

      So unless Nokia USA has an error on their online tech spec t-mobile just gutted astounds radio. This is the reason why I prefer unlocked phones. No carriers bullying you.

      Otherwise specs seems identical. My gues would be that t-mobile strong handed nokia to switch of 1900 mhz from the radio.

      • effortful

        Interesting point you make about the 1900 mhz band being removed. I take it that one will NOT be able to buy the “full” c7-00 here in the US WITH a U.S. warranty. The U.S. version phone will be this gutted Astound. If one wants the full phone, he has to buy the unlocked version which will have no U.S. warranty. That’s okay with me; however, it does mean that should something go wrong with the phone, you’re SOL.

  • Zaxxx

    Opera mobile 11 and opera mini 6 is out.

  • Doug

    What’s going on with the Nokia E6?! When’s it going to be released?!

  • Rant

    This is all they launched yesterday at ‘the next 150 million’ event? Lame.

    Nice FW as well BTW, saw splitscreen portrait QWERTY yet the landscape one isn’t split screen.

    • TBF, Landscape keyboards aren’t split screen anywhere but on the iPhone.

      • Rant

        It is in OVI maps and in the search widget in S3.

  • Pingback: Pics of the FINAL portrait QWERTY for S^3 and other minor tweaks. : My Nokia Blog()

  • Damen

    Will Nokia have any other phone releases at CTIA or is this it?

  • Noknok

    So it doesn’t have the rumored autofocus?

    What about the E6? When is it rumored to be released?