Opera Mobile 11 released for Symbian

| March 22, 2011 | 52 Replies

The guys responsible for the browsers Opera Mobile and Opera Mini which between them likely control the lion’s share of the mobile browsing space are pleased to release their newest version, Opera Mobile 11.  While I’ve been unable to locate a changelog anywhere,  there is most certainly better support for Symbian^3 devices as well as some Android tablets bundled right in, including the long awaited “multi-touch” feature. We’ll be updating this post as we find out more.



To download, point your phone or other device here.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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  • Antonio

    I can’t stop liking Opera! The best PC browser that uses the same engine for the phone! I love it, Symbian would never be the same without Opera.

  • Arbegla

    This is Amazing!! The Symbian experience with Opera Mobile 11 is now complete. A great upgrade on the previous one and recommended to everyone. My N8 is very happy! 🙂

  • stylinred

    oh heard it was coming, thanks! (ur link doesn’t work btw)

  • Awww, no flash =(

  • stylinred

    have to say 11 is a huge improvement over the last, shame about the lack of flash though. Other than that its great much faster and smoother an all around treat

    • Antonio

      HTML5 videos play correctly in the webpages! You can even see the youtube embedded on the pages, and use its buttons and everything. It doesn’t work for all videos on the internet because some of them require flash, but for the ones that don’t, you can see it very well, and it’s quite fast!

      • fahoum

        can you post a link for example? Cuz i can’t seem to get html 5 to work on it. Thanx in advance

  • Excellent one, although the internet speed is not that fast, another issue is memory full. I’m sure this will be resolved soon with newer updates.

  • Gary H

    **CARE** Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are 2 different versions aren’t they?

  • Mike

    i m surprised that no one mentioned that the opera 11 beta for the n900 also came out yesterday

  • because the web browser on N900 is already more than very good,