Video: Demo of Opera Mobile 11 on Nokia C7 with PR2.0 and Nokia N8 (Get it from Ovi Store)

| March 23, 2011 | 14 Replies

Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 was released yesterday.

Have you had a play with it yet? Get it from:

Get a premium browsing experience with Opera Mobile. It is fast, smooth, and makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever. A refreshed user interface looks better with your device and gives Opera Mobile a sleek, modern appearance. Pinch zoom and smooth panning let you surf in a natural and intuitive way. You can also share web content with others on popular social networks. Opera Mobile is the ultimate browser when connected over WiFi or wireless broadband.

It’s really nice. Being able to resize font with pinch and zoom is much nicer than having to change zoom level through settings.

Zooming is smooth on my N8 though a touch slow. Not as slow as on the video demo below, but definitely slower than the official Opera demo. It may depend on what you are currently browsing – heavier pages will zoom slower. The Symbian Browser (default) has a more natural looking pinch and zoom. There are no black and white chequered bars though.


Scrolling is really fast, and it’s nice how an arrow appears showing the direction that you’ve flicked scrolled. You can press that arrow and make it automatically go to the top or bottom. Nice addition that avoids endless scrolling of long documents.

So below is the demo from on a Nokia C7 with PR2.0

Here’s official Opera 11 demo, with HTC handset (as well as a basic Nokia handset and an Android Tablet – XOOM)

Update: One more demo on a Nokia N8 by



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  • Kraistus

    In the fist video, by vgplabs, it really annoyes me that the guy demostrating, never let’s the browser fully load the web page before panning like a mad russian in a liquer store.

    If this is the same guy who demostrated the ”new” Symbian web browser, with his PR 2.0 C7, it was the same deal then. ”Yes, I have a slow internet connetion so let’s pan the hell out of the web browser while loading the web page!”. What’s the hurry?!

    BTW I only watched a couple of minutes in to the first video, so if he in the end finally cut some slack to the browser, then fine, my bad!

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  • schwermetall

    My first impressions:
    Loading pages with Opera Mobile11 is slower as with the Nokia Browser! With 3G and with WLAN. Also with Turbo.
    The Opera Mini (6) is still the fastest 🙂

    Scrolling and zooming with the Mobile11 is better than Nokia.
    Opera Mobile6 now have also pintch to zoom but only up to 100%.

    The text on a page seems to be sharper with the Nokia browser as with the Mobile11.
    The Mini6 couldn´t show the text as small as with Nokia or Mobile11 (at 100%).

    My conclusion is:
    For the most cases I still prefer the Mini browser and for some special cases the Nokia.
    But for both Opera Browers the update is very good !

  • Zaxxx

    Opera mini is faster than opera mobile,but the best browser for super slow connection is Ucweb browser,too bad it doesn’t support pinch to zoom.

  • spybond

    can someone tell me why when i press the ooera button in portrait i get 4 lines with 3 tabs in each and not 2 lines with 6 tabs like i see on the N8 video(4’26”)?

  • Mapantz

    Funny how those webpages are the good ones that load well on mobile phones isn’t it?
    I used Opera 10.1 on my N8, it would have problems loading a lot of webpages, especially my own. It rendered in such a way, it would be barely readable. I upgraded to 11 and it made it 10x worse.
    The N8’s built in browser renders my web page as it should do with the bonus of flash. Even UC Browser works better than Opera 11, and i have to say it’s faster as well.

  • thats good
    but we wait PR2.0
    were are you nokia

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  • Opera Mobile is so fantastic that it has even implemented half screen keyboard!

    • pep

      but split screen comes out only when entering a url in the address bar right?

      • pep

        okk. srry. found tat the keyboard with all by changing.settings

    • Tinkle

      Symbian^3 has had split screen keyboard in the OS all along, it’s never not been there.

  • stylinred

    is there anyway to have images load in full quality all thw time instead of having to specify which image you want to reload in full quality?

    I noticed anothwr issue the spelling correction that pops up (so you can decide if you want to correct) gets blocked by nokias qwerty kb

  • Hisyam

    There’s no split screen native Symbian keyboard on my Opera Mobile 11 (N8). Is there anyone who have the same problem like me? This is really strange. /:(