Nokia Social App 1.3 available from Nokia Beta Labs.

| March 25, 2011 | 18 Replies

Social App 1.3 is available from Nokia Beta Labs. This update was available in January but was swiftly pulled. You still won’t get it from normal update but you can get it from beta labs.

I think I’ve lost all hope in Nokia ever producing an official facebook app that’s half decent. It suits S40 touch and type so well, but not Symbian touch. I hope Kasvopus gets further development.


With social-enabled Contacts, now you can see what your friends are up to before you make a phone call.  Import Facebook events right into your phone’s calendar. Seamlessly send photos and videos from within your phone’s camera—simply shoot and share! Update your status with location and points-of-interest, making it easier than ever to share news, make plans and stay connected.

Whats new with Social 1.3?

Contacts improvement:
Status update directly in Contact Card
Linked contact indicator in Friends List

Share improvements:
Add caption when sharing photos from camera
Removing photo upload compression > high resolution picture upload

Facebook/Twitter enhancements:
View followers list

We are working to provide more enhancements in future releases, such as automatic Contact linking, Facebook notifications, new widget functionalities, and more.  Stay tuned.


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  • Is there official facebook or twitter client for symbian?

    • bigolo

      Facebook and Twitter only support the US based OSes

      • Ali

        Since this still doesn’t have notification support therefore it is total and utter crap

        • darren N8 Opera 11

          more features and fixes are always a plus point for me, and yes I think Nokia still need to improve there software BUT they are trying!!.
          Instead of just nocking there effort in post after post lets try looking for the positive. This is afterall an update to a work in progress.

          • Doug

            It’s been a work in progress for the past 2 years, and it still doesn’t come close to what the official Facebook clients for iOS, Android, and BB OS all have to offer.

            The only good thing about the Nokia client is how you can add events to your calendar easily (which can be done by creating a new calendar to link to your Google calendar, but it’s not as simple), although it doesn’t know how to take a location for that event, and translate it into a point on the map that you can easily look at.

            This was one burning platform they should have jumped from. Give Facebook a damn call and tell them to make the application.

  • Finnish N8 owner

    Nokia should be ashamed. One guy (1) can beat their whole development team, in less time than it takes them to make this @#¤%& (sorry for the language). If Tommi were to combine TwimGo and Kasvopus, and get hired by Nokia, Nokia could save a lot of money and time.

    • Zaxxx

      Twimgo+Kasvopus it’s very good idea,pls make one Tommi. 🙂

    • j.gray!

      Its the d@mned management that’s slowing things down. That’s why Tommi alone can pump out superb apps. I bet some of Nokia’s devs have great ideas, but the upper tier guys said ‘no’.

  • amoshydra

    Is it Version 1.3.143 ?

    The update was so fast that I don’t even realise that it has updated itself when I open it.

  • Antonio

    I already downloaded this update when it first came out as final (before they pulled it). There are absolutely no differences between the ex”official” update and this beta client that I could have noticed. They should have given up straight away on doing it in WRT and frigging coded in Qt or native Symbian C++!

    • Gerii

      There is a new twitter icon and some of the buttons are bigger and/or look better. Photos now open a little faster but it’s still very slow compared to how it should be.

      I’m eagerly waiting for the future release they are talking about.

  • Zaxxx

    Anyone realized,the new social network apps has new icon it seems like the one for the upcoming update.

  • Mapantz

    It’s so slow, it doesn’t update pictures very quickly, the news feed shows outdated status updates, if you refresh it shows a list of different updates. Terrible app.
    Kavsopus is good, but it still needs a lot of work, the latest update just doesn’t work right on my Nokia N8, no notifications, it still randomly cuts the last word or letters from a comment or status update, it doesn’t refresh the update as soon as you’ve made a comment and if you reboot your phone, it never saves your login details. Best facebook app is the one that’s built in to Snaptu.

  • Magister

    It is not compatible with PR1.2. Curious.

    • deep space bar

      it doesn’t work on my N8 which is utterly stupid i have no widget and when reinstall it it’s 1.2(144) instead of (163) and now i can’t install (184) after i installed 1.2 NOKIA REALLY NEEDS to get a developer to make the same facebook app for iOS and android and even BBOS and have those same features that social has but with the full Facebook app

  • Ron

    I believe we should all just hope that Tommi Laukkanen, dev of Kasvopus, never gets tired of working on those apps. Kasvopus is great but yes, a lot of bugs. Great thing is I know that he listens to those reports of bugs and quickly fixes them ASAP.

  • Yorch

    It is so freaking slow is a pain to use, only use it to upload photos, but for everything else is a real pain, so slow, the idea behind “apps” from web services is to provide full functionality and speed of the full website

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